Who's Right, Who's Wrong? Who cares as long as…

Who cares as long as in the words of that great orator, Rondey King, “can’t we all juz getbby along?”.

Am I the only one that has been engaged in what I call “I’m right and you are wrong contest”?  Whether it is with one of my boys, a possible intended, or a wife as the case may be.  There are always power struggles.

In my experience, power struggles begin to emerge around developing NEEDS AND WANTS that need to be related to. For example, at times I have felt like the person I was dealing with and myself both had the need to be heard and be seen. There also seems to be a need to listen and resolve past hurts – I find that the secret here is to respectfully articulate and listen to each other about past hurts.   That usually does the trick – it’s the ability and willingness to enter into a dialogue that is important.  Right and wrong, guilty and innocent, belong in a courtroom and not in a loving relationship or a valued friendship, where both sides are usually right at the same time (how’s that for complexity!).

I suggest that you do as I have committed to do. Buy a book that teaches emotional communication so we can learn to avoid that ugly struggle of “I’m Right!”, “You’re Wrong”.

Hey LifeTrain passengers, join me today in learning the path of loving and respectful communication so that differences may be addressed.

OH!…and about the picture.  I know, it had nothing to do with today’s post…but it did make you read didn’t it?  GOTCHA!!!

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2 comments on “Who's Right, Who's Wrong? Who cares as long as…
  1. Marilyn says:

    what is the name of the book you are reading?

  2. Carmen says:

    The ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ struggle has been around forever, and will probably be around forever. And since we know this, it’s not whether it happens or not, it’s how you handle it.

    There are some people you can approach and share the I’m right about this (whatever this is) and you’re wrong, and it is received with an opportunity to look at the situation from an different angle. TRUST and BELIEVE…they are far apart, and few in between. And then there are those who will argue with you until hell freezes over until you see it their way. Well, by the grace of God, He has shown me to just be quiet because it’s like beating a dead horse…it’s not going to go anywhere! It’s at those times when I know the Lord get tired of hearing me call His name! But then there are times when my guard is down, (hey, I’m human) and I go toe to toe with them. Most of the time, I can hear the Lord say in a still small voice, Hey be quiet, I got this! Praise be to God that, He sees all, hears all, and can do all. I do solicit the prayers of the righteous so that I can be more like Jesus when it comes to the “I’m right and You’re wrong” discussions.

    Good one Mr. Conductor.
    Your faithful passenger…