Welcome back aboard Passengers. as I’m helping you up onto the train I’m also giving you a white business card with raised black lettering.  It reads:

“When I die, I don’t want to be remembered as a know it all but, rather a share it all.


Today I’m sharing about a spot where I have been stuck in.  And that is in planning and in trying to create the perfect and super-polished plan to reach my goal quickly as I could and not risk any failure or setbacks.  In this case my online shopping mall.  I want to be a little AMAZON.  I thought it sounded like a smart approach.  But here’s the thing: it works a lot better in theory than in real life.  So I’ve moved away from that approach that I was so fond of during much of my professional life.

Now, it might feel like a perfect plan is the right way to go about things.  But, in my experience at least, it’s better to just focus on coming up with a simple and good plan and then to start executing it one small step at a time.


Keep it simply…

Well, because the perfect plan that is polished and polished and revised tends to just lead to weeks or months – or in my own experience sometimes years – of continued planning and of not going anywhere when it comes to actually taking action.  Also, as your plan is confronted with reality you’ll realize that things will never be or go just as you had seen them in your head before you got started. Such is life and that’s OK because you can adjust and adapt your plan along the way anyway.

So if you’re working on the perfect plan for making a change in your life – or have a tendency towards that – then simplify.

Think things through and don’t take unnecessary risks. But at the same time keep things simple and aim for just a good plan.  Break that plan down

That’s the plan…

into small or very small action-steps. And then get started with the first one as soon as you can.  This change in thinking has made a big difference in my own life.

Without making it and focusing on good plans – or sometimes honestly just OK plans – that I actually took action on rather than perfect ones that stayed daydreams I would likely not have JUST launched the sell of my TEEs and things.

Take care and have a simpler week ahead!

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All Aboard!  The LifeTrain!!!

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