MY OBITUARY… Give the flowers while we live…

I want my flowers while I am alive so here’s yours…

It seems that everyday we pick up the paper to see another one gone… hopefully home to the father (more on that later). I hate it when we are left to wonder… are you feeling me on that? If so, speak up to all those around you. If you don’t know what I am referencing hit me up asap:

With so many of our loved ones and friends dying in a blink of an eye I decided that I wanted to leave my parting thoughts to the world. It seems like every day we hear of someone, gone, most recently and for instance Victoria Gray Adams, 79 — Civil rights activist and first woman to run for U.S. Senate from Mississippi, Gerald Levert (thanks Gerald for making us big guys sexy), Luther Vandross, Ed Bradley, Arnold “Red” Auerbach. I have to mention my maternal grandmother, “Granny”. I love you Elvin, you were/are an angel. Please put in a good word to Jesus for me.

Now, not that I hope to be called home anytime soon, but since I have no true legacy, no children to speak about their father, no wife to testify that I was a loving husband and friend, I decided to let you in on some things and people who had profound effects on my life.

If you are not yet mentioned below and you know you should be, you will be. I am taking my time with this one… Oh, and one other disclaimer, with the exception of Jesus, if you are on this list you are at the top of this list, just below…all together now…Jesus. If I were not so lazy I would just put this list in Alpha order (after my mommy and daddy) to circumvent hurt feelings. ….hum…Do I really think I am that important (LOL – Laughing Out Loud). Well this is my blog, and for once I am the star! …and if you are on this list…you were (if I’m gone while you read this) or still are M-POE-TANT- to me!

Peace yall, love to the Creator, his beloved son Jesus and oh yes…Go Buckeyes!

Check back for the names and how they made the A, I mean “C” list:

  • JESUS! If you don’t know, hit me up:
  • Mommy
    • I wish you knew how much I wish I could spoil you in the regal and royal fashion of a queen. I know I have not often said this but you are my queen and I love you so much. Now, I know we have our moments, but just know that I appreciate you being my mommy! I often think about how you put three kids on your hip and carried us until it was time for us to leave the nest. The fact that I am not a statistic allows me to say — Mother, Well Done!
  • Daddy
    • You never knew this but I always sought your approval. I always wanted you to be proud of me as your son, your namesake. I remember at our last family reunion you finally told me what I always wanted to hear….That you were proud of me. …Thanks Daddy. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. I was talking about how even though you and mommy were separated, I never felt like you were not my Daddy. I remember when I played Football in High School. Your place was behind that Glorious EVANS STADIUM, Home of the WILDCATS! You gave me a key and never said a word when you would come home and I would be asleep after partying after one of those “Friday Night Lights” Night. …Thank you. Also, thank you for keeping up with Granny while we were out in the world making our way…and thanks for being with your mother, my paternal and beloved Grandmother at this time. …And oh yeah, I’m glad we got to the point to where even though we are the “Macho Daniel Men” that we are…we can finally say — “I love you”.
  • Grandma Daniel
    • What a bond we have, me and you. Your first and favorite grandchild! Yep, tell lil Harry the truth, tis I, lil Charles…Your favorite! I could write a book about you and I. Remember the ants in my pants? Thank you for introducing me to Jesus, for never saying no to me about spending the night with you and grandpa. For never forgetting my birthday and FOR ALL THAT WONDERFUL FOOD! “Call the police!”, “take me on off to jail”, my grandma can cook yall! Wow, at 95 years of age you are still the godly woman that prays for me. When I was home last, I asked you to pray for me. Now, I’ve had people lay hands on me before…never, ever…nothing. No falling out, passing out, nothing. Some said I wasn’t saved. Grandma, when you touched me, and prayed for me, it was electric! With love from your first grandchild — Chuckie
  • Carla
    • My seester…Gurl it’s a wonder you even speak to me let alone love me like you do. Remember how I used to badger you every night to braid my hair so I could have that fully extended afro! I am glad you love me like you do after all that big brother bully stuff. Thank you. You are wonderful woman, mother and sister. Thank you for being there with our maternal unit (LOL)!
  • Carlton“Don’t call me Corky anymore” BABY Brother.
    • Yeah, I put you out there. We shared a room and didn’t kill each other in the process. You always were and always will be my baby brother. Guess that’s kinda crazy since you now look down on me eh? Not to worry, I can still dunk on you! …well, I did last night in my sleep!
      And the list will grow… check back to see who made the “C” list!
  • Michael (my nephew)
    • Nephew, if I searched the world over I don’t think I could EVER find a dude as cool as you. I will never, ever forget the summers you spent with me. You are about as low maintenance a child as I have ever seen. It was a pleasure having you. Now you are a teenager and girls (we need to talk) are entering the picture so I am not sure how many more times you’ll want to give up parts of your summer to hang with your old square uncle.I remember the first time I kept you. You were just a baby. You never seemed to cry, always happy. I took you home to see your grandmother and you never cried one time, I was so scared cause, well, I never had the opportunity to raise a baby, but you just sat back there, peeping at me. It seemed like you were saying, “Hey big guy, keep your eye on the road” “I’m handling things back hur!” …From time to time you would sing…it was hilarious! I do remember the one time I had you as a baby and you actually cried. I put you down for the night. You kept gurgling “Button, Button… I didn’t know what to do so I finally called your mother. She said, “BUTT HEAD!” he is not saying Button! He wants his BOTTLE!
      …er uh… it worked…you went right off to sleep after I gave you your “BUTTON”.Then when you were six you stayed with me. I remember talking to you about football and how you asked me to make you run wind sprints each night so you could get in shape for “FOOTBALL”. At the end of that summer, I surprised you with a pair of Air Jordan’s on the way to the airport, the look on your face was worth a million dollars. As we sat at the gate, I was so nervous about putting you on the plane by yourself. You were such a brave little trooper! I remember trying not to tear up cause I hated to see you go. I think you suspected it cause you asked me if I was alright. I said, “Yeah man, shut up and get your little tail on that plane”. That was about all I could say as I tried to man up!And then last summer… I will never forget how cool it was having you around and the artwork you did for me. I still have the drawing in my office! ..But the best thing of all is that you always said, “I love you Uncle Chuckie”, almost every day when we shut it down for the night — Thank you.Now the apology. I almost did not get to live the above, were it not for your beloved mother and her good sense to know, “with man nothing is possible, with the Creator, ALL things are possible. The bible says confess your sins one to another. This is my confession. When you were conceived I was a man of very little faith. I could not fathom your mother handling a child given the current state of affairs at the time. I advised her to…well I cannot even say it…I remember the very day you were born in Fairfax, Virginia. I came to the hospital. I was so excited! Your momma got out of the bed and took me to the nursery. I remember her walking with that intravenous pole and bag, very slowly and gingerly. When we arrived, she left me there alone with you. I stood there in complete silence and awe… What happened next is a moment I will never forget. You lifted your little head up off the pillow, I swear you did…and we just kinda stared at each other. I felt like you were saying, “Hey big guy, keep your eye on the road” “I’m handling things back hur!”Micheal, I love you and I hope you forgive me… Please continue being the young man you are. …Uncle Chuckie.

Ok, Ok, what’s this non-sense about a “CHUCKIE”. Well, if you read this far, the above explains the below for a “CHUCKIE!” the most prestigious award available…well at least in my world (wink). Check back regularly for the growing list of nominees, with the info on how they made the list! And the nominees are:

  • Dr. Bill Bailey
    • You’ve heard of “Two Men & A Truck?”, well how bout two guys and a PC! There was Jim and Spock, Yoda and Luke, now there is Brother Bill & Brother Chuckie! The Jedi Knights of the PC world! I hear ya Belinda, “Now when are you guys gonna make some money!” (LAUGHTER). Dude, whether we are hangin with mom at the lake or hanging in the computer room, we are brothers till the end. Above all you have taught me about computing, it is the lesson of the “Shield of Faith” and brotherly love that have meant the most to me over the years. At least the Biz”NUT” facilitated one thing of good, Us! I know, I know, I can hear you all the way on this side of the boro, “NOW, NOW” “Brother Chuckie!” Anyway… Live long and prosper my brother! Thank you (and Belinda) for everything! Oh, and dude, that Kenneth Copeland TV clip on the birth of Ben and Belinda’s heart condition, dude, what an incredible story, you gotta share that with the world!
    • Click HERE to view the video.
  • Connie
    • As I lay there, face down in the street, bleeding out. I stared at the driver of the truck in utter disbelief in what I thought were my last moments on earth.Without care or remorse she drove off into the night, not bothering to see if her evil deed had left me dead or alive. It was you who was first on the scene. Even though we did not know each other, I said “don’t leave me”, “I don’t wanna die here alone”, …you didn’t. You stopped and took care of me till the ambulance came. For that of course you made the C list gurl! I hope you find the man of your dreams out there in Colorado! Know that I appreciate you. You are my friend, now and forever more…
  • Mike “MAXWELL” Mayfield
    • Daddy and Uncle John dubbed you “MAXWELL!”. I nominate you as one of the “Father of Year” awards. First, you and Saundra have two of the most loving, gifted and incredible kids. I am SO proud to be their “Uncle Chuckie”. I thank God that we have an Agape (look it up heathen) friendship. Even though you tease me about the length of my prayers, God answered them by giving me a friend such as you! Thank you for being my friend.P.S. you can now tell Carl and the gang in Philly that I am your best friend!
  • Pastor DeGrote
    • “Did you hit anybody, no, did you?”, was there ever a time on the kick-off team that we actually did hit someone (Laughter). Man, I am so proud of you! Where can I start? Brothers from childhood, college roommates, on and on. Could I clear the dorm floor when we needed to study with my version of Earth Wind & Fire’s “REASONS!” or what? Now you are in pulpit, both on stage and in Church. Second baptist is so Blessed to have a man of god such as you as I am blessed that you are my brother. Thank you for your spiritual mentoring, for always having a word of encouragement and for praying both with and for me. Much love to you, Shirley and Devin! By the way, when yall gonna let me go on tour!?! “…REASONS, DA REASONS DAT WE HUR, DA REASONS DAT WE FELL OUR FEE-LINS!” Come on dude! Put in a word to Tom Joyner for me!! I wanna make the cruise list next year!
  • Attorney Melinda Carter

    • Melinda, These words are long overdue. I could never thank you enough for everything you have done for me both professionally and personally. Your son is very fortunate to have a “Mommy” such as you, as I am so fortunate to have a friend such as you. You have always been there for me even though you are running things for the Mayor in Columbus! Please know that I love and appreciate you now and forever more.

  • Keli (My Proverbs three-dee one Cousin)
    • What a blessing you have been in my life you praying godly woman you! You take right after your Grandma! …More later!
  • Grape!
  • Jon Mallow
    • I have been fortunate enough to work for many good people during my career, …some bad, but that’s not for here (Laughter). One of the best bosses I have ever worked for is you. Adjectives to describe this mighty man of God: Integrity, mentor, fishing buddy, father (of his 8 kids), PKMS Genius, friend (to many), brother, saved, and on and on. Thanks for the opportunity you afforded me. Thanks for the prayers! Friends for life!
  • Elder Jessie Rainey – The one true measure of an Elder
  • Chaz “The Max!”
  • Shawn “My Brother” Hague
  • Katina “MY SEESTER” Barnett
  • Wicky
  • Peeg (Reag!)
  • Brian “Colored Brutha” Evans – My prayer partner!
  • Uncle John
  • Little John
  • Brian Daniel (RIP My Cousin)
  • Uncle Harry
  • Aunt Mary
  • Aunt Bobbie
  • Aunt Madelyn
  • Harry “not the favorite Grandchild” Daniel
  • Shelly not red, but Green!
  • Mark “Best Man” McCoy
  • Karyn “Another Sister” McCoy
  • The ENTIRE McCoy Family
  • Aunt Dee Dee
  • Aunt Tish
  • Uncle Charles (Monroe)
  • Aunt Vera – And the winner for the world’s greatest Fried Chicken goes 2!
  • Willa “Wonder Woman” Wingate
  • Poochie (I should’ve married you) Poo
  • Stinky Pete, that wonderful sexy chocolate you go gurl treat!
  • Roz “Stop Fussin So Much” Catling
  • Rhonda “HEART TO HEART”
  • Rhonda “MY BRAT COUSIN”, “How did Roz get here before me” V-Butt
  • Tonya “My shoulder” Colvin
  • “BIRD!”
  • Thump-per
  • Joy
  • George “Fred” Munyer
  • Russ Blackwell
  • Ryan “Monica” — That 20 somethin – 40 somethin sweetie!
  • Mrs. Beagert (RIP)
  • Mr. Beagart (The Ultimate Scout Master)
  • Dee “In Denver” – Take care of my grand kids!
  • Donna “Where’s my Pork Ribs!” Williams
  • E III
  • Yolanda

Hey Stop trippin ….this ain’t it — Many more to come