“Be careful of your actions. You never know when your creating a memory.”

Hey passengers, As per protocol here on the train, here’s the glass of wine (mood music) to accompany today’s meal (writing/article).  So kick it off and…

Welcome aboard once again, glad we are starting the week out together.  As I started my week off this morning I marveled with disappointment in myself.   Like most Homo-sapiens I sometimes lament over past mistakes and bad decisions.

It’s during these times that I tap into what is rather cathartic for me, turn on music and WRITE (about what’s troubling me).  So I headed to the keyboard, shaving cream still on my face.  All the while (LOL!) something was whispering to my spirit, my soul, psyche and mind about bad decisions made and what ifs.  What if at the fork in the road I should’ve gone left instead of right?  Why could I have made such a stupid decision?  Why am I not perfect, why am I not a Vulcan, devoid of emotions.  Why am I so, so human (LOL)? Fortunately I stay buried in research (and the Bible) so that at just such times of doubt I can refer to logic, faith and Christ.

I quickly reminded myself that I cannot undo the past.  I also decided to share my thoughts so that when this type of thing hits you, maybe even this week you can employ some of my tools.  For example, as much as possible I will always try to obtain counsel. In difficult decisions it’s wise to get spiritual and practical counsel from the godly leaders in your life. A pastor, elder, parent, or simply a mature believer can often contribute important insight, answer questions, remove doubts and confirm inclinations. Make sure to choose individuals who will offer sound biblical advice and not just say what you want to hear.  Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.~ Proverb 15:22

Remember, and this a “BIG” one for me…Sometimes your heart and feelings can trick and mislead you.  And, sometimes you can be too heady, intellectual and become stuck in paralysis of analysis.  Don’t just “brainstorm.”   A more holistic approach is to engage your brain, heart and spirit.   This week, be prayerful asking God to speak to your heart and mind.

QUOTE:  “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.”

This week, join me in being creative and willing to think outside the box of comfort, tradition and people pleasing.  AND!  …and may we always remember we can’t afford to blame or expect everyone to understand and co-sign our decisions.

Another BIG one for me is to forever keep in mind is to NOT be in denial or fantasize.  We all must consider the alternatives, risks and consequences.

As you hop off the train I will hand each and every one of you an index card.  It reads:

How will our decisions this week (and going forward) impact our relationships, health, income, integrity, time, values, opportunities, career, character, education, travel, peace of mind, etc?

I suggest KAIZEN.  That is a Japanese word for gradual and continuous improvement.  …1/10 of 1% continuous improvement.

One more thing if I may…There may come a time this week when you might need to remember…”When the world comes tumbling down (running down) …Please, just…


All Aboard, The LifeTrain!!!