If’n U Ever!

Passengers, I am writing this with the utmost of props to this dude.  I went to the Birchmere (CLICK ) Tuesday night to see this dude.  Now, I have just about all of his CDs, but to say this dude is a must see is truly an understatement.   We were truly entertained!  So, if’n you ever get the chance run, don’t walk to a Boney concert.boney_james_christmas_present_photo_small

I must confide, when I was coming up, I could NOT understand how dudes would sacrifice being on the field (Football) to be in the band.  After last night I am crying!  If I would’ve honed my craft, and became a SAXY sax player, I might have my twin boys now, Charles and Prince!   If I could play and entertain like this dude, even an old fat guy with no money…hey, if I played like him…I WOULD HAVE MONEY!

Anyway, Boney (AND his band!) is DA BOMB in concert, take it from your conductor…check him out.  Hey, and for you BUCKEYES!  He’s in Columbus this Saturday with Jonathan Butler and Bill “HUXTABLE” Cosby.

I’m going out on a limb here but aside from my “WIFE”, yes, truth is…I’m married (This be her:  CLICK).  This was one of the best concerts I’ve been to.

One comment on “If’n U Ever!
  1. sade says:

    Now that is a smoooooooooooooth sound. Thanks for sharing that with us.