FEAR…The Ultimate “F” Bomb

Dear Passengers…I’m dropping an F bomb on you today…Fear.

It’s so easy to get stuck in it. To let it hold you back.

I have been there many times in my life.

One of the reasons for that is that I made a common mistake.

And it’s this:

What lies ahead…

You misinterpret the often little information you have.

It is easy to take very few experiences – or maybe just one – and start seeing
them as evidence of something permanent and frightening in your life.

So what can you do instead to reduce your fears?

Here’s what worked for me…

Question your fears and what they are based upon.

Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper. Think back to what evidence you have
in your memories for a fear and a belief of yours.

Try to see the situation(s) that created your fear with fresh eyes today. Instead of
the way you may usually see them.

Doing this helped me to for example reduce my fear of social rejection.

I looked back at a few situations from my past that formed and fueled that fear.

And I realized these two things:

  • Honestly, I may have just misinterpreted being rejected in some of those
  • I often wasn’t rejected because it was something wrong with what I did
    but simply because we weren’t realistically a good match for each other.
    Or because the other person had a bad day or because he or she simply
    wanted to push me down to feel better about himself or herself in that

This was an eye-opening experience and also helped me to understand that

You can…

everything is not about me and what I do. And that our memories can often
be pretty inaccurate and unhelpful if not reexamined later on.

Our minds love to create patterns and conclusions based on very little evidence
or few experiences.

So passengers, question your memories and fears from time to time to see them for what they
actually are.

All Aboard!  The LifeTrain!

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