Fall Down Seven Times, Stand up Eight!

Hey Passengers, Welcome back!

let’s have some real talk about something we’ve all experienced and will again, SETBACKS!

When you have a setback it’s easy to start doubting yourself and what you do. To believe that this current setback is something that will simply become your new normal.  It’s easy to make it very personal and to start seeing yourself as the failure because of what happened.

Dark CLoud of Self-Pity…

This is a destructive way of looking at things that can drag you down and get you stuck under a dark cloud of self-pity.

So I’ve learned to look at it this way instead:

A setback is something that sometimes happens. It can be helpful and it’s just temporary.  Now, here’s how I usually break that down into three steps.

1. A sobering reminder.

Take a few deep breaths to calm down and then remind yourself: You’re not a failure just because you failed.  Setbacks happen to everyone that take chances. It’s simply a part of living life fully.  Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don’t. So don’t make a failure into this huge thing or into your identity.

2. Get something helpful out of it.

Ask yourself: what is one thing I can learn from this setback?  Use the mistake, stumble or setback to your advantage as you go forward.

3. Get going in some small way to make it temporary to yourself.


I know it’s tempting to sit still and feel sorry for yourself, to beat yourself up or to just do nothing.  I’ve done it more times than I can count.  But I’ve also found that the best way to convince myself that this setback is just temporary is to start moving again.

So I take one small step forward. Or I take what I can learn from what happened and make a small action-plan that I can use to avoid making the same mistake again.

Just taking one or a few small steps might not sound like much.  But it can work wonders for your optimism and confidence.

That’s at least been my experience.

All Aboard, The LifeTrain!!!