Blogging 101

I thought I’d jot down some basics for newbies.


Well, let me start by saying that blogging is “HOT” and very popular right now. Merriam-Webster Inc declares that the word “blog” was the most search term on their web site this year and so they have voted to make the word “blog” their word of the year and “Blog” will is officially the new entry for their 2005 edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.

How’s that for popularity?

So what are blogs and what is blogging? Blogs have for a long time been defined as an “online journal or diary”. This definition has evolved from various attempts to describe how much blogs have developed as a useful tool for publishing and communicating on the Internet.

A blog as an online diary is the more common definition used but you will see new definitions for blogs as blogs become more of a business and marketing tool online. For some, the phrase “online journal” seems rather dated and understated in describing the power and usefulness of blogs.

So here is my personal definition of a blog based on my own experience and what I’ve read from other bloggers around the web. This definition conveys the simply truth about what a blog is.

What is a Blog?

“Blogs are web sites that allow you instantly publish content about a certain topic or theme.”
Blogging then is defined as the act of publishing content with blog. But…publishing content with a blog and publishing with a regular web site are like night and day both in how they work and in what they are used for.So what is the difference then between a web site and a blog?

Here is how I define them.  A regular web site is designed to publish content for all manner of reasons. Regular web sites are static and infrequently updated. Regular web sites are great at content delivery but they can also be impersonal in how they publish content and inform their audience.  Blogs are instant publishing tools that allow you easily update your content often. Blogs are said to be dynamic content delivery systems and even content management systems. Blogs are published as two-way conversations that are more personal than web sites and are humanized by the voice of the very human blog publisher who is generally the one actually publishing content and responding feedback from readers.Here in is the real power of blogs. The ability to reach others and relate in ways never before possible with regular web sites.Blogs have open a door to communication where people can voice their opinions and spread their ideas freely with a group of like-minded people. Freedom of expression is one of the most powerful heartfelt desires in establishing identity.

And that’s really it right there. Blogs have given rise to millions on the Internet having conversations and networking ideas and principles in real-time. Blogs have grown so popular and so powerful so quickly that businesses and marketers are no using them as business accelerators and increase their reach in current and new markets as well as create more efficient communications structures.Blogs are VERY efficient! They are cheap, easy and they distribute or pass information quickly.

Here is a quick list of some of the types of content you can publish and distribute easily, quickly and inexpensively with your blog:Ideas, Commentary, Thoughts, Knowledge, Expertise, Resumes, Recipes, Pictures, Audio, Video, Books, Poetry, Products, Services, Consultations…and list goes on.

But wait…there’s more! There is the new thing called Podcasting.

What’s Podcasting you ask? Podcasting is sharing audio programming from your blog. It uses something called RSS that allows people to get your audio programming on-demand. These audio programs are created by you and they really are regular mp3 and wav files attached to blog content. Blogs and RSS allows you to cast your audio programming and your content far beyond your home page.

What I mean is that other people can subscribe to your audio “channel” and listen to your broadcast.  Imaging have an faithful committed audience of listeners to your program! Imagine the fun and profit opportunities!

Blogging is exciting and represents powerful opportunity for you to participate in this new frontier of fun and profitable Internet publishing and communication.

So let’s review today’s lesson…

You learned that blogs are very popular right now but more than that you learned the blogs are powerful publishing tools that provide constantly updated content, fast communication, and they allow you to instantly communicate on the Internet in real-time. On the other hand you learned that regular web sites not updated often and tend to be impersonal in nature. Finally, you learned the blogs have many uses for online communications and content publishing.

You see, blogs aren’t that complicated and they are certainly powerful and fun to use.

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