March 15, 2008

Is Same Sex The Way?

Category: Thoughts — chuckie @ 1:53 pm

Decades ago, it was common for Catholic high schools to segregate their schools by gender. Nowadays, quite a few public elementary, middle and high schools around the country want to experiment with same-sex education, hoping it will dramatically boost test scores and discipline.

That push, however, has caused a firestorm in Greene County, Georgia, where the superintendent wants to convert the entire district, not just a few schools, to the single-sex format. It would be the first system wide change in the country.

According to a wire story I read this week, school superintendent Shawn McCollough hopes to reverse poor test scores, high dropout rates and large numbers of teen pregnancies. He believes single-sex schooling will be a useful tool in meeting those goals. The school board agreed to the change for fall 2008. Parents, teachers and students are angry, saying the change is being forced down their throats.

It’s unclear whether such a radical switch complies with federal law. But Leonard Sax, executive director of the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, siad Thursday night he questions the legality.

Question, by taking this stand is Superintendent McCollough “saying to parents, ‘I know better than you do what’s best for your children,’ ”

I say “It’s ridiculous to say either single-sex or coeducational is the best choice. Parents are the best qualified” to make that decision.

Ok passengers this weekend’s question…per the above…what say you?