2Day…Don’t worry…BEE Hapy!

Hey LifeTrain passengers! relationships

Too often we expect happiness to come as a result of our relationships rather than as a premise upon which to build one. If we truly wanted to be happy, we would not be so eager to sacrifice happiness for nonsense—jealousy, possessiveness, anger, fear or any other function of the ego. Nonsense renders us downright miserable. Happiness requires that we be honest, trusting, trustworthy, respectful and mutually considerate. We cannot realize true happiness when we entertain nonsense in our hearts and minds. Individually and collectively, we must work to clear ourselves before entering a relationship. If we wait until we are in the process and wading through the nonsense, the ego will be well on the way to eroding the happiness we seek.

Today, I say ….Let’s exercise our duty to be happy! And today when someone says…Hey U, How ya doin? Look them in the eye, produce that great smile and say: “SUPER FANTASTIC!”

2 comments on “2Day…Don’t worry…BEE Hapy!
  1. Denise says:

    Again Chuckie, you have proven to be a very special individual. Happiness should not be a feeling. It should be a way of life, a condiditon of the mind, body and soul. I believe that happiness cannot be found for it is not lost. It must just be realized and exercised. When coupled with another person who has realized true happiness, and the two are blessed to meet, PROFOUND HAPPINESS AND LOVE is imminent and evident.

    This my friend, it the ideal relationship. One free of the inconsequentials and covered with a blanket of truth, hope, love, godliness, and freedom. Free to be who you are in Christ. Free to express your feelings without inhibitions, Free to be kind and gentle without sterotypes, Free to be protective of the home without being abusive. This can go on and on.

    My happiness is so abundant I just get carried away. Loving you more and more Chuckie and this Lifetrain.

  2. Carmen says:

    I’m in agreement with what Denise had to say. As for me, its something that I must work on until it becomes a way of life for me. From this day forward, I’ll make it a practice to kick non-sense to the curb find that Super Fantastic mode.

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