Month: February 2017

Mental Health Week on the LifeTrain (Day 1). But first…

But first, First things first.   MERRY MONDAY! Depression, not the best of topics eh? Never the less, …I have heard, I have listened and …I have felt the need to discuss this from some of my fellow passengers. First,

“Fear”… is a Liar!

Hey Fellow passengers!  I greet you with a smile hug, and a small white business card today.  The black letters read: “FEAR IS A LIAR!”. As we kick things off let’s take a look at that old liar, “FEAR”.  It’s

It’s Super Bowl Weekend…and the white Elephant in the room is…

DWI As I help you board the train I hand you a white business card with black lettering.  It simply says… A designated driver helps you party another day. Hello LifeTrain passengers, Super Bowl weekend is upon us.  For many