August 23, 2016

The Courage To Quit – Part II

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Hey Passengers!  All Aboard!!!  Welcome!  Time for a Tuesday tip!

Ms. Gerri Hawkins, Scoundrel and LifeTrain Caboose Mananger.

Ms. Gerri Hawkins, Scoundrel and LifeTrain Caboose Manager.

Today’s tip is provided by a little stinky scoundrel (Ms. Gerri Hawkins) who resides in the caboose of the LifeTrain.  She ‘s stinky, mean and a bunch of other adjectives that I could use. But!!!  She’s Brilliant! Full of wit and humor.  And as a school psychologist, she is helping to mold and shape many young lives, preparing them to get through life’s battles!  Don’t tell her this but despite ALL her stinky-ness…I loves this woman!  Oh!  she wrote this in response to my last post, “The courage to quit”.

From the Scoundrel, manager of the LifeTrain Caboose:

I always wondered what Vanessa Williams’ secret was for miraculously recovering from the horrible experience that she had in 1984. For those who don’t know about it, she won the Miss America title in 1984 and resigned after nude photos of her were released.

I had the pleasure of watching an interview with her on Oprah’s channel in a segment called Master Class. In this interview, Vanessa reflected on what happened and how she moved on with her life. She said in so many words that she just didn’t want to fight that battle. It was a simple decision. She just walked away from the mess and moved on. She had nothing to prove. She could have fought the battle of keeping her title, but chose not to. Vanessa is now enjoying a plethora of Grammy nominations, Image awards, and Tony award nominations.

Vanessa knew when to let go. She knew when a battle wasn’t worth fighting. The haters would never go away. Choosing fun, travel, and living with imperfection was a better option.

The funny thing about letting go of something is that even though some people struggle with it, you never regret letting go. I’m sure that Vanessa never looked back and said “If only I had continued to fight. I wish that I were still Miss America.” She didn’t beat herself up about her mistakes. She just chose not to fight a stupid battle. I quit smoking in 2003 and when I look back, I wonder how I ever did it. I smoked a pack and a half every day. When I’m around smokers now, I can’t believe that I ever had such a terrible habit.



Quitting is liberating and healing. And the older I get, the easier it is because I either just don’t care or because I don’t have the patience to hang on to things. I also have less time to waste on foolishness. Life is just too short.

I wish that Chuckie had the courage stop sneaking back here when I’m not here and eating the lasagna in my fridge. Just quit eating it and get out of my caboose. Go back to the conductor’s cabin. I know that it was him because of the Ragu sauce footprint.