Month: January 2016

What “The Wizard of Oz” Taught Me About Life

Hey Passengers welcome back aboard!  So glad you are riding. I don’t like slash and gore movies but, I do like some rather odd movies for a guy my age like the Wizard of Oz and Ratatouille.  They teach me

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Remembered

He gave his life, so that I could vote….in America, eat at lunch counters…in America, walk into the front door of Malls…in America, sit anywhere there is an open seat in the public transit system…in America. I am a Christian,

Blog number one for 2016:”See the Trees”…

Hey passengers, have you ever heard the term: “Stop and smell the Roses”?  …or “you can’t see the Forest for the trees?”.  Well, today let’s dig a little deeper along that vein, Let’s focus on the trees… There was a man who lived in Alabama