Month: November 2015

Alzheimer’s, a discussion with Dr. Diedra Hayman Ph.D

Hey Passengers welcome aboard and back for another session on the good Doc’s couch.   I really believe this was one of our better sessions.  I would humbly encourage you to invite anyone you know to the train to review

Talking Anxiety with Dr. Emily Hath PhD.

All aboard for day 3 of Mental Health week on the LifeTrain.  Today we mosey on back to the clinic car and sit for a spell with my good friend, Dr. Emily Hath PhD. (Dr. E).  Today’s topic of discussion

Mental Health Awareness Week – Day 2: ANXIETY

All Aboard! Hey passengers, in support of  mental awareness week (with an emphasis on anxiety) I decided we should visit the good Doc (Doctor Diedra Hayman Ph.D) again to make sure we have a firm understanding of the A word: ANXIETY Regular passengers

Mental Health Awareness Week on The LifeTrain…

ALL ABOARD!!!  Good day passengers!  As you board the train I give you the customary business card.  This one states: There’s No Shame in Asking for Help There is NO shame in asking for help yet, so many people are