Month: October 2015

Merry Monday…”Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken!”

All Aboard!!! And Merry Monday as we say at the start of the week here on the LifeTrain.  Here’s today’s song to go with the post and to start your week, KICK IT!  Dear Passengers…The fact that you hopped the

“Legally Speaking” with Attorney Ewing Carter III…

Hey Passengers, Here’s a  tip offering we have a periodic visit from the LifeTrain Attorney, Ewing Carter III.  His website: will give you a complete background of his credentials and service offerings. KICK IT! Chuckie:  Good day Sir, welcome back aboard!

Your voice matters…

Hey passengers, I hope your week is progessing in a “SUPER FANTASTIC” way!  Continue to join me in making sure we always see the glass as half full this week.  And then, let’s work to fill the rest.  As you