Month: May 2015

Legally Speaking with Attorney Ewing Carter III – Tell Your Lawyer the truth! The whole truth! Nothing but the truth!

Well passengers today, as promised we are stopping the train at the Lawoffice station.  Today we continue with our  recurring offer of Legal tips (Legally Speaking with Attorney Ewing Carter III).  I am going to spare you our on-going debate as to who

This week, “Carpe Diem!”

Welcome back to another week on the Train, the LifeTrain.  This week may I suggest the following for us…this week and beyond, “CARPE DIEM!” Don’t forget to start your music…see radio button right. As you board the train this week

A reminder….

All Aboard! It’s the beginning of the week and as such I would like to start you out with a  few thoughts to ponder and meditate on this week. But first, the music, See the radio button , right hand upper