Month: April 2015

This week, Stay in the present…

All Aboard!  Merry Monday!  Welcome back aboard the LifeTrain.   This week…let’s live in the present.  And speaking of the present as you read this article, for your enjoyment here on the Train we have piped in music!  Click the

Your assignment this week…Banish Worry!

“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.” ~Eckhart Tolle Why not listen to some smooth sounds as you ride the Train today!  See the RADIO BROADCAST PLAYER – RIGHT CORNER….  All ABoard! Hey Passengers, welcome back aboard.

Entering the weekend with “Not A Sermon…Just a Thought…”

All Aboard!  Welcome passengers.  Today I make an assumption, that we’ve all heard of Mother Teresa.  If not, CLICK then come back for the rest of today’s ride. Enjoy today’s Post while listening to  “LIFETRAIN RADIO” I was in conversation with

This is “NOT” an April fools…

The Only Thing You Can Genuinely Be Is You… Hey Passengers, welcome back aboard the LifeTrain…and enjoy some music with this post either from here see radio button upper right of this page or listen in from tune in radio: