Month: October 2014

Merry Monday! Let’s fill up for the week!

ALL ABOARD!!! Merry Monday Passengers…Time to “FILL UP!!!” so we can make it through the week.  But first…the Mood Music: This is a wonderful collection of thoughts that I would like to share.  Join me as I fill up the

Lessons I’ve learned from the “West Wing”… Part II

ALL ABOARD!!!  Kick it (Your musical accompaniment) Fellow passengers, as I said in part I (scroll down the train, the West Wing Part I), whether you are interested in politics or not, is one of the best shows of all

Merry Monday! “More than you imagine.”

There is truly more than you imagine.  Kick it (The musical accompaniment) Hey passengers, this week remember this from your faithful, humble, conductor.  You have barely scratched the surface of what is possible for your life and your world. The