October 19, 2014

Merry Monday! Let’s fill up for the week!

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Merry Monday Passengers…Time to “FILL UP!!!” so we can make it through the week.  But first…the Mood Music:

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This is a wonderful collection of thoughts that I would like to share.  Join me as I fill up the train…and myself.!

Ever wake up and don’t want to get out of bed? Ever wonder lord why me? Ever fall asleep wondering how you made it through another day? Ever spend an evening alone thinking how you can be where you are today? Ever wonder why the chic down the street acts like trash but is married and you’re not?  Ever think about how someone else’s child seems to be on the right path and yours acts like they have lost their mind?m1

Ever wonder why your finances are always messed up and you can never see light at the end of the tunnel? Ever wonder why Ms. Thang next door is so cute and fine and you have a hard time staying away from the table and keeping ten pounds off?

Ever think about why your husband seems to be the only one in your circle of friends that still hasn’t gotten himself together?

Ever wonder why you’re still single? Ever wonder why you’re married?

Ever wonder why the person you love doesn’t love you back?

The answer all of these questions could have me writing for days.

But, if any of these are you, the Holy Spirit sent me by today to give you some extra fuel. You wake up and keep going because God has a plan  for you (Jer 29:11). You make it day by day because God ain’t through with you yet. You’re alone or single because God is doing some things in you. Don’t get it twisted!

It’s not that he “just hasn’t found you;” it’s also because if he did find you, you wouldn’t be ready!  God is perfecting some things within you. Stop looking around thinking it’s the other person. Nope! It’s you! There may be something wrong with them, but before you hook up, God wants to get some things right with you!

So, stop looking around wondering why God seems to be passing out blessings, but for some reason He passed your door! God passed your door on purpose.  Don’t talk about other people’s glory, because you don’t know their story!

mbanLord Help Me Somebody! You don’t know why the no good girl down the street is married. You don’t know how she got her man, and you don’t know what she’s going through to keep him! Remember, the bible says, the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous! My brother, my sister, that’s YOU!

We are so quick to look at what God is doing in others.  We have to learn to pay more attention to what God is doing in self. I know it’s hard…because the truth is; you think you have it all together. You think you’re ok! With a few adjustments, and you’ll be ahead of your game!  Think again…those few adjustments are just the areas that God needs to fix before He moves you forward.  Do the Godly things “in spite of” that disobedient child, and/or dishonorable husband, and watch them watch you as God fixes the situation.  You are the change agent! As they see the change in you, they’ll be inspired to move!  Fuel is what you need. Yes, you need fuel to be what God has you to be. Well, did you stop by the fuel station? The church? That’s where your main source of fuel comes from. If not, be not dismayed, God is so awesome, that He sent fuel right to your front door m2in the form of an email. He’s awesome like that! He knew just what you’d need, when you need it! Now that you have it, what are you going to do with it?

Don’t be stingy; God is getting ready to work. Give this fuel in the form of action to yourself, then your children, husband, coworkers, whoever may need it! Pass it on! God gave it to you, so that you might give it to others. Go ahead, don’t be afraid…remember, if He did it for you, He’ll do it for us ALL!

This is your fuel for the week. Don’t keep it to yourself, send someone to the the LifeTrain!

ALL ABOARD!  The LifeTrain!

October 8, 2014

Lessons I’ve learned from the “West Wing”… Part II

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ALL ABOARD!!!  Kick it (Your musical accompaniment)

Fellow passengers, as I said in part I (scroll down the train, the West Wing Part I), whether you are interested in politics or not, is one of the best shows of all time in my opinion. You may not care which party wins the election, but The West Wing is about more than that. It’s about how you navigate through the world, where there is politics involved in nearly everything. The writing is exceptional, and the cast is perfect. It appeals to both the mind and the heart.

I learned so much from the West Wing series...it fed my mind...and my heart.

I learned so much from the West Wing series…it fed my mind…and my heart.

To look at it from a  higher level, it’s about how to have ideals, how to dream big, and then how work to make them happen in the real world which is inevitably full of constraints.

There were numerous lessons to be learned, but here I want to share with you the five main lessons that jumped out at me:

There is always enough time to live your purpose.

Bartlett and his staff manage to make decisions about a nation, attend parties, play chess, do press briefings, write speeches, read memos and God knows what. That’s fictional. But the same thing applies to Presidents and Prime Ministers all around the world. Leaders like Gandhi and Mandela who made a difference. CEOs of ground-breaking companies who get stuff done. Yes, they all have staff, but any manager with half-decent skills will tell you that motivating and managing people is a job in itself.

All of these people have the same time as you do. So how is that some of these guys manage to run a country in 24 hours, but some people don’t have time for that book they always wanted to write?

Everyone needs a support system

No one has all the skills. Your weakness is someone else’s specialty. Get the right people in the right roles, and let them get on with it. Don’t just create a team of people who agree with you. Create a team of people who believe in your purpose. Those are the guys you want on your side. They will challenge you, they will disagree with you, they might even yell at you….but the results will be better because of it.

Be Authentically Passionate

Authenticity gives credibility to passionate expression. When you speak about something that you wholeheartedly believe in, it shows up through fire in your eyes and enthusiasm in your voice.

Everyone has to compromise

Know when to accept defeat gracefully. The price of authenticity is that everyone has the same right, and as people are not the same, opinions differ. Your opinion will not always win. Your cause is not the only just cause.

Don’t be with people who block you

They don’t have to help you, but they shouldn’t hinder you. If you are driven to do something, then you shouldn’t have to give that up because someone wants you home at 5 pm. If that fire within you isn’t used towards your purpose, it will consume you.

Before I give the parting call of ALL ABOARD!  Let me leave you with a clip that almost made me…you’d have to know the full story…

ALL Aboard!  The LifeTrain!!!


October 5, 2014

Merry Monday! “More than you imagine.”

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There is truly more than you imagine.  Kick it (The musical accompaniment)

Hey passengers, this week remember this from your faithful, humble, conductor.  You have barely scratched the surface of what is possible for your life and your world.

The things you want improved can be improved through the application of faith and effort.

What you seek sleeps like a seed nestled in the soil of your consciousness. You can and will cause it to sprout with faith and action.

What is it that you desire? Water it with your faith; nourish it with your action–that is your part.

So, this week let’s be like the sun, let’s shine a radiant light of infinite possibility assuring a successful harvest.

Not a sermon, Just some thoughts…

All Aboard!!!  The LifeTrain!