Month: August 2014

“Legally Speaking” With Attorney Ewing Carter III – This week: Revoked License for failure to comply…

All Aboard! KICK IT  (The music for today’s post): Hey passengers, one thing I (your LifeTrain conductor) will do is try to bring you tips that may come in handy now and in the future.  We offer recurring segments to include.

Not even Apologies…

Can make love stay.  Kick the Mood for this post…the song. “If I say I’m sorry enough, even for breathing, perhaps he or she will stay.” Back in 2002 when my then spouse said she was leaving, I thank God

“Legally Speaking!” – With Attorney Ewing Carter III

NEXT STATION STOP:  “LEGAL!”, Doors opening on the left. KICK IT!  (Like wine with your meal, here’s music for your read!!!) Hey passengers, welcome aboard.  Today we take a look at one of my many conversations with Attorney Ewing Carter