Year: 2014

Christmas 2014 hinging on Attorney Carter’s ability to work A MIRACLE IN COURT!

Hey Passengers we need to visit with our LifeTrain resident Lawyer Attorney Ewing Carter III (!  ANd just what train do you know of that has its own legal car!  Boy I tell you, I just love being the conductor of this here

Merry Monday…Thanks to all Vets…

All Aboard! And “MERRY MONDAY”  Before we pull out of the station and head on down these tracks called Life, let’s pull the Whistle as a signal to say thanks to all our many veterans who gave service to our

Merry Monday! This week, Oh the places you will go!

Hey LifeTrain passenger! All Aboard! You know how we do on the LifeTrain, we greet each other with “Merry Monday!”. We refuse to acknowledge any form of a manic Monday! So strut your stuff and pass this along: God determines

Merry Monday! Let’s fill up for the week!

ALL ABOARD!!! Merry Monday Passengers…Time to “FILL UP!!!” so we can make it through the week.  But first…the Mood Music: This is a wonderful collection of thoughts that I would like to share.  Join me as I fill up the

Lessons I’ve learned from the “West Wing”… Part II

ALL ABOARD!!!  Kick it (Your musical accompaniment) Fellow passengers, as I said in part I (scroll down the train, the West Wing Part I), whether you are interested in politics or not, is one of the best shows of all

Merry Monday! “More than you imagine.”

There is truly more than you imagine.  Kick it (The musical accompaniment) Hey passengers, this week remember this from your faithful, humble, conductor.  You have barely scratched the surface of what is possible for your life and your world. The

Lessons From The West Wing…Part I

ALL ABOARD! Hey Passengers I typically give you a business card as you board but, today I am giving you a Post card that reads: This guy’s walkin’ down a street when he falls in a hole. The walls are

Tuesday’s Tip: It’s never our fault when someone else hurts us…

But, it’s within our power to stop allowing it. All Aboard!  Kick the music, enjoy the post! A while back, I wrote a blog post about giving people the benefit of the doubt, and suggested, as I often do, that

Merry Monday! This Week, Peace Be Still…(Tree Talk)

  Hey Passengers, All Aboard and Merry Monday!  Let’s start this week out with a smile and a smooth stride down the tracks here on the LifeTrain.  For those of us who may have to travel through a storm or

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around…

Welcome aboard once again, glad we are starting the week out together. KICK IT! (The music for today’s post, like wine with your meal): As I started my week off this morning shaving my bald dome I marveled with disappointment