July 15, 2013

Terrorist attack the Train…

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Well post number one of today’s offering deals with cyber attacks.  Please know that no one is immune, not even the LifeTrain.  You will note that all the images on the posts are gone.  It seems that just for fun some hackers found a way to grand central station (the servers that host the LifeTrain).  Part of the damage was loss of graphics.  But, lessons learned in all this.  We are endeavoring to lock things down even further.  I hope you guys (the LifeTrain passengers) will take as many pre-cautions as you can.  The cyber thugs are busy…24 x 7.

So pardon the mess as we clean up things!

All Aboard!  The LifeTrain

July 12, 2013

Imperfect me, Imperfect you…Perfect!

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You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” ~Brene Brown

KICK IT! (The mood music)

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We are all perfectly imperfect just as we are. Yes, it’s true. Sometimes hard to believe, but always the truth. Believe me.

I’ve always recognized that I am a perfectionist.  Since I was the little boy who wanted to know how to play sports, how to roller skate and ride a bike for the first time I tried, how to models, draw and write.

I’ve always wanted to do it right the first time.ttban

On the one hand, I appreciate my intention to do and be my best at whatever I do, but on the other hand, I see how this mentality has often paralyzed my efforts and prevented me from daring and learning to be brilliant.

The one practice I’ve committed to in my life, where I’ve been willing to be less than perfect, and continue to embrace each day, is writing.

The meditative quality, the cathartic release, the invigorating movement all resonate with me and remind me to just be where and who I am, in each moment.

In the beginning, when the LifeTrain first started down the tracks most of my transformation was of course mental—feeling more relaxed, open, energized, and flexible.  In recent years, my writing has guided me to expand my perspective, and I find myself open to understanding life anew.

I’m discovering new ways of being and of seeing the world.   New ways to develop relatioships and gain a greater understanding of my life’s calling.


This insight is life changing: A chance to understand myself better. A reflection of how and why I choose to think and act the way I do. An opportunity to acknowledge that I’ve associated being perfect with being lovable.

Now, without judgment or criticism for myself or others, I have the choice to change.

I can choose to shift my perspective and tell a new story. I choose to embrace a new truth…

Imperfection is lovable.

With this knowledge, I see my relationship with myself and with my family, my friends—with life itself—in a new light.

We are perfecting.

tth9And who wants to be perfect anyway? How boring that would be!

The most fun is in the growing, in the expansion, in the learning and becoming ever more who we are.


I release the compulsion to be perfect, to constantly achieve, do more, handle every task on my to do list immediately.

I allow myself to be more present, to be in the moment, to remember what matters most: love.

I can let go of always doing and instead let myself be. I can stop rushing around handling tasks, and allow myself to stop and smell the roses, stare in wonder at the beauty of our universe.

I am worthy of love, I know I belong, I recognize my life has meaning, and I give myself permission to take it easy and just be me.

I embrace this truth:

I am good enough. I do enough. I have enough. I work enough. I love enough. I am beautiful enough. I am smart enough.

I am enough.

Can you say this to yourself and really mean it?  Practice. Notice how it feels.

With this new perspective, everything blossoms.

I allow myself to make mistakes without being judgmental.

I give others space to be imperfect without being critical.

I allow myself to be me.tth89

I allow myself to love me just as I am.

I allow myself to love others just as they are.

Whenever I begin to lose focus of this reassuring truth, when I start to feel overwhelmed by all the “shoulds” and judgments in my mind, I sit in stillness in my meditation space.

I read the words I’ve etched on my chalkboard wall inside my mind:

I am enough. Surrender. Live and Let Live. Imperfection is lovable. Be human.

Immersed in the sensation of my breath, I choose to focus my mind on these powerful truths. Soon, I relax into the comfort of knowing that all is well. And I begin again the journey of self-love and acceptance.  Acceptance that man may judge me imperfect but, Gud has judged me perfect via the blood shed by his son…Jesus.

I am grateful for being where I am, for all the wisdom and love so many gracious and kind people have shared, and for the powerful words I write each day meant to encourage self-awareness and growth.

I am grateful for the opportunity to recognize the perfection in our imperfection and to use this wisdom to infinitely improve my interactions with the people I love the most.

tth90Our minds are powerful. Our thoughts are powerful. Our love is powerful.

Let us choose to focus on the good, appreciate who we are, share our love unconditionally.

Let us remember that we are enough.

Let us embrace our value and know we belong.

Let us always remember that our imperfections are lovable.

Can you practice loving yourself and others unconditionally today?

Every beautiful journey and inspiring transformation begins with an intention and moving in the direction of where you hope to be.

Wishing you ease in loving and freedom to be just who you are.

Be human. Be perfectly imperfect. Be you. Just be.



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July 8, 2013

Merry Monday! And we ask again, is your life like…a candle?

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All Aboard!

Hey passengers heres a repeat to start the week.  A reminder of the candle, one of my favorites.  And again, is you life…like a candle?

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Have you ever stared mesmerized into a candle flame?  There is something captivating and powerful about the flickering glow of a candle.

I surmised that my life is like a candle.  Read on and let me know if…Your life is like a candle.

Here’s my take but, first “MERRY MONDAY!”

Beneath the surface is the wick representing the days, months and, possibly, years that lie ahead. You have no idea how deep the wick is nor how long your candle will burn. All you know is that at some future moment the flame will sputter and die signifying that your time in this body is complete.

The candle’s flame is the present moment–the only part of life you can ever know.

You may walk past a candle and take no notice. Or, you can sit transfixed in its hypnotic glow.

Are you walking past your life numb; consuming your precious and limited moments? Or, are you drinking in life’s hypnotic glow?

I’m taking the drink, won’t you join me this week.  …and again Merry Monday!

All aboard!  The LifeTrain!