Month: January 2013

Living authentically…

“All Aboard!”, I say as I greet you back to the LifeTrain with a hug, smile and a question, What does “living authentically mean?”.  Well, kick off today’s mood setting clip and let me share… To me living authentically means

Tip Tuesday on the LifeTrain – Tips #1 And #2

Hey passengers, welcome aboard the train.  Today we once again stop at the “Wisdom” station to collect on a couple of tips.  All Aboard! Tip #1: If we were to look at our bank statements, it would tell us that we

Merry Monday. “Mark your Calendars”…

ALL ABOARD!!!  MERRY MONDAY!!! Kick it! So…as we are reading this we are well aware that the world did not end on 12/12.  What’s the next date? As far as I know God said…no one knows the day or the hour

It could happen to “any” of us…

My Thoughts on “Helping a Homeless Friend” It’s so “PAINFULLY” cold here.  Hard for me to believe how growing up in Ohio I was so used to this but, well now…I’m such a punk!  It’s just SO COLD!  As I sit here

The Weekend continues…All Aboard!

Hey Passengers, I hope your weekend is progressing well. I’m glad you’re sharing some time with me here on the train.   Soul Mates… A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He said…no. She asked him

Finally Friday!!! And…”The End Begins!”

All Aboard!  …FRIDAY!!! WEZ DONE MADE IT! KICK IT!  (The mood, the music) Passengers let me share something with you as we “END” this week.  Something that you may want to keep in your consciousness as we move on down the tracks; There can be no beginnings

A LiFeTrain Look at the “D” word.

DEPRESSION… Fellow passengers if you have been anywhere near a TV or a newspaper over the past months you cannot help but see how the “D” word is affecting our society.  Life pressures, unemployment, etc. etc..   TOday we once

Tuesday’s LifeTrain “Life Tip”…Eat the frog Annie Maye, Eat the Frog!!!

“EAT THE FROG!!!” Check out the video You should eat your frog first and get it out of the way before it gets fatter and more difficult to choke down because there’s no way it’s going to go away on

Legally Speaking w/ Attorney Ewing Carter III

Welcome back passengers to our next station stop on Tip Tuesday; The station stop: “Legally Speaking”.  Let’s catch up with Attorney Ewing Carter III ( KICK IT! Chuckie:  Attorney EC III OPEN UP! EC III:  Why are you yelling that at


Dear Passengers of the LifeTrain…Do me a favor this weekend: When no one is watching, live as if someone is. …and: Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.    Denis Waitley All Aboard…The LifeTrain!