December 31, 2012

Merry Monday! A Message to the Passengers…

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ALL ABOARD!!!  All Aboard for a serious announcement!  But first, “MERRY MONDAY!!!”.

KICK IT!  THE MOOD, THE MUSIC…For this last piece of 2012
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Tonight at Midnight I will pray. I will thank the Lord, Abba Father for his mercy.  I’ll make another attempt to be goodstay good. Sound familiar?  Also familiar may be this space on the Web, “The LifeTrain” where I scribble away my thoughts for you to read, “ALMOST” everyday.Can‘t thank you enough for sparing me some of your time at a juncture when in all likelihood you may be quite busy preparing to see off CY (calendar year) 2012 and merrily welcoming in a  New Year, 2013. Whatever may be your mode of celebration, here’s wishing you a joyous experience.  And please keep this scripture in mind as we enter into 2013:

Psalm 100:4-5
Enter into his gates with Thanksgiving, and his courts with Praise!  Give thanks to him; BLESS HIS NAME!

For the Lord is good; His steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.


Your Conductor, Chuckie P. Daniel

Personally, I don’t expect to see drastic changes to any attributes of my lifestyle, just because a cycle of twelve months is coming to a conclusion tonight. And I don’t believe in waiting to flip over one dozen pages of a calendar before jotting down a list of life changing items to be performed, and then stare at it later with a sigh of disappointment for not having made a sustained effort to achieve it and to strike each one out as ‘Job done’.  Neither do I believe that the spacing of inevitable events in different phases of life, some of which we may like and some we dislike, has any business with the twelve month cycles.  Agreed, some things in life will change for sure: like the daily posts that I maintain here on the Train. I hope, if God grants me continued life and a sound mind that each post will carry a fresh smell.   I hope each post will be crafted with a positive intent.  It’s foolish of me, though, to even imagine that I’ll only have happy episodes to scribe here.  New Year or not, patterns of events in life shall remain much the same, with possibly no escape from the dualities of existence.   Pray we develop enough inner strength to accept all events in life with great composure.

In retrospection, I’m thankful for all good things and God’s many blessing that occurred in the last twelve months. I am especially glad to have met many a wonderful people, fortunate to have learned a number of useful lessons, sorry to have made some mistakes, happy to have moved on, regret to have lost a few connections and grateful for all opportunities. I wish the coming twelve months brings me in the company of many new faces, while I’ll make all efforts to make sure the familiar ones stay closer to my heart.

Pertaining to the many new friends I made this year.  Here’s a disclaimer and a word of caution.  I’ll be 100 years old on my Birthday.  SO, I specks I done just about all the major changing I’m gonna do now at this juncture in life. SO, please remember, sometimes…ya just gotta “Let Chuckie be Chuckie”…  Admittedly that ain’t always easy.  Now, I promise to do my part.  I will love each and every one of you with  agape love.

I promise not to hold you to a standard I cannot even come close to attaining myself…  Therefore, there may come a time in 2013 where some forgiving on both ends of our friendship may occur.  Can we commit to that?

Lastly, the blah-blah above was not the real intention of writing this note, but to make sure I don’t miss an occasion as this to show up and express my deep felt gratitude to YOU for being there for me and helping me stay positive, one way or the other. Thank you!


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A 2013 resolution / Decision has been decreed!

After serious & cautious consideration… your ticket to the LifeTrain has been renewed for the New Year 2013!  The ticket includes a coupon book of wishes prepared by your conductor.  Check them out.

My Wish for You in 2013

May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.

May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.

May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!

May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy

May the problems you had, forget your home address!

In simple words …………

May 2013 be the best year of your life!!

Happy New Year!!

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Passengers!

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ALL ABOARD!!!  A special concert just for you can be found below


Watch me and my brothers “ROCK” the Holidays.  The Band:  The “Clocks” Featuring “CHUCKIE!!!”


December 21, 2012

What I got from “The Life of Pi” – “TIGERS!”

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All Aboard!  Well passengers  confession, work is winning this week…[loud laughter from me]…So, sorry I am a day late with this post…

As I reported,  I recently saw the movie, Life of Pi. Maybe you have too.  Personally, I loved the movie, but even if you don’t or wouldn’t  you probably learn or would learn to appreciate the tiger in the story. In a nutshell, a young man named Pi loses his entire family in a shipwreck that he alone survives on a life boat that is alone with a ferocious tiger on board. As terrified as Pi is of the tiger, he feels for the tiger and takes care of him the best he can, providing fish, soothing him with words, even embracing him tenderly after a horrible storm.  If it hadn’t been for the tiger keeping him alert and focused, Pi would have given up and died.

What does this have to do with us? When I look at my own shipwreck periods in my life, I know I stayed afloat

400 Tiger, my deflection from the pain at the time..

400 lbs…my Tiger, my deflection from the pain at the time..

because I too had tigers. One of my biggest tigers was my losses back in the early 2000’s.  Like JOB I lost everything, wife, job, finances, health, church…even a child…Everything.  So, broke and broken hearted I had to focus on the one of the biggest tigers in my life to keep me focused on surviving and taking care of myself.

Basically, things were so bad that I used my tiger, my weight and the shedding thereof to stay alive…Like Pi.  That is why this movie resonated so with me.

During that terrible, dreadful time, a time of such pain, my focus was not as much on those things that I had just lost as much as it was focusing on my “Richard Parker”.

I took care of me via constant and exhausting exercise programs.  Working out to the point of bleeding from places that I won’t even mention.  Running  at 2 and 3 in the morning, just like Forrest Gump…and for the same reason as Forrest.  

Yes, it was truly a vicious tiger.  While this was not just a good thing, this was how I stopped myself from drowning in the ocean of my emotions and needs.  My focus on “the other” kept me going. All the

I rode sometimes to the point of bleeding in my biker shorts...LOL  I was OCD!

I rode sometimes to the point of bleeding in my biker shorts…LOL I was OCD!

while trying to develop self-care skills. I am grateful for having had a tiger…in so many ways

You might have had a wonderful cruise of a childhood with a few bad, but bearable storms. Good. Very good. Yet, I still hope that you have had a tiger in your life. We all need a focus in our life other than our own feelings and needs. Without focus, we become self-absorbed, passive, and confused. I ended up becoming a happy person, even creating this Blog. This is not because of my hardship. It is because I found focus a midst of my hardship.

While happiness is seen as very different in Western and Eastern thought -one as creating a flow of life, the other as realizing the flow of life -both concur that the focused mind is instrumental. Focusing on someone else gives us a reason to get up, live healthily, and keep ourselves out of trouble and away from high-risk activities. For example, when we have a life partner, we tend to live longer. When we have children, little trouble-makers who wreak havoc, we tend to live longer. Even when we just have a dog, we tend to live longer. This is in part so because focusing on other creatures causes us to produce more oxytocin, a calming hormone in both men and women.

It is so tempting for us to just sit down, switch on the television, and vegetate on our couches. It is easy to drift and wait for someone else to rescue us from our depression. Blaming others or blaming circumstances for our misfortune are wonderful ways of allowing us to be inactive. We resist exertion and the extra work of focusing our mind. Every time we focus our mind, we spend energy. It’s tiring to be alert. However, while focusing our mind costs us dearly,

Even writing a book..."The Profile"

Even writing a book…”The Profile”

not focusing our mind costs us even more. We are never more tired after having slept too long. Ironically, once we have learned to overcome our resistance and focus our mind with greater ease, we feel energized by what we do and experience. When we focus on a good goal, for example, we become hugely motivated, forgetting all our feelings, losing ourselves in the process. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has written extensively about this phenomenon in his book Flow, which is based on many creative research studies.

Sometimes though, the best tiger or focal point is our mind itself which is what meditation is all about. When we focus on mind, a mirror of reality, we may observe our thoughts and feelings, but never get lost in them. Countless studies in neuroscience have found a remarkable impact of meditation on our brain (see also Buddha’s Brain, by Rick Hanson). Meditating just a few minutes every day can cause us to experience more joy, more meaning, and more inner peace. What this means for us Westerners is that we ought to sit still more often, look inward, feel our lungs filling and emptying themselves of air, and notice our abdomen rise and fall. Taking the time to just sit and stare at something or be aware of sitting and staring at something with all the kindness we can muster, is the type of focus that gives so much more energy than it takes.

If there was a gift I could hand out, it would be the gift of a tiger, or actually, a whole bunch of tigers. But we all have to find our own reasons to reach out of ourselves and give kind attention to something or someone that brings out the best in us. Often we only have to open our eyes and see that person or that goal we can care about. I know this is certainly true for the experience of our mind. Mind is Being, apparently always available.

I recall my mother’s recent terrible bout with cancer and her subsequent death.  I didn’t know it at the time but, my having to be in hyper business mode, taking care of her estate, speaking with her doctors and seeing to her financial needs was the Tiger that sometimes shielded me from seeing my beloved suffer so.

There is a fine line between caution and fear. Caution is knowing and understanding the risks associated with a particular situation. Fear is allowing yourself to be limited by them. Faith is not throwing caution to the wind, but rather proceeding in spite of caution because you have directions from “OUR FATHER”, “WHO IS IN HEAVEN” to override it and keep moving. Without such directions, caution should always be heeded. This is not a lack of faith, but rather an abundance of wisdom.

Proverbs 14:16 – The wise are cautious and avoid danger; fools plunge ahead with reckless confidence

I hope that someday  even maybe after I’m gone..this train will continue on down the tracks and someone will find the sharing of my Tiger(s)…and they are many…Hope they will find this helpful…Thank god

December 18, 2012


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Hey passengers without further a due or fanfare, check it out:  (CLICK)

Tip:  Get that NIV ready.  Each and every Wednesday night from 7-8:PM Eastern.  Genesis to Revelation!  Get Ready, Join us!

Geeking out with Dr. Bill Ph.D. – Today: LINUX!

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g1Hey Passengers, as was mentioned above we have a brand new car here on the LifeTrain that will morph into a plethora of technical information broken down just for you my fellow passengers.  Leading the charge will be our resident technical Doctor, Dr. Bill Bailey, Ph.D.    Dr. Bill’s main website can be found at:

Let’s head on back to the Geek Car and catch the up with the good doctor…

Chuckie: So, Doc, you have a new PC Operating System for our passengers?

DrBill: Yes, Chuckie, Linux Mint is a AWESOME OS for ANYONE, not just geeks! And, since it is Open Source, it is totally free!  Come on in (CLICK) to the new LifeTrain “GEEK CAR” and rest a spell.

December 17, 2012

Merry Monday! It’s All About “ATTITUDES!”

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Merry Monday! Hey Passengers, let’s start the week out right, Let’s do an “Attitudes!” check.

In my humble opinion, When you extend pure love to everyone with selfless motivation that is an attitude of kindness. When you send good wishes and pure feelings to those who are in deep sorrow, that is an attitude of mercy. When you see the virtues rather than the weaknesses in people that is an attitude of compassion (my personal favorite). When you bless and uplift someone even as they defame you, that is an attitude of forgiveness. When you tolerate a situation and take responsibility as well as give cooperation even when not appreciated, that is an attitude of humility and self-respect. This week, remember that every second, every moment and every breath of your life is nurtured by attitude.

Hey Passengers, stay tuned and keep hoping aboard the Train, got some good stuff coming your way.


All Aboard! “The LiFeTrain!”

Homework status?

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Hey passengers, anybody complete the homework this weekend.  See below.  If so leave a comment.  If not you still have a couple of days.   Be sure to see mine this Thursday….”Therapy Thursday” here on the Train.

December 14, 2012

Your Lifetrain weekend homework…

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Hey Passengers, just a reminder of your homework for this weekend.  GO SEE THE MOVIE: The Life of Pi…

We’ll discuss next week.  Have a great weekend and check back this weekend as i feel a EOW (End of week) brain dump coming on…also known as Jibber Jabber…

If you are going to complete your homework assignment…STOP HERE. DO NOT READ ON.  Come back after seeing the movie and see if I was spot on in terms of describing the movie…

In short:

Life of Pi is the story of Piscine Molitor Patel, also known as Pi, who at the age of sixteen survived for 227 days on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean. Pi’s story begins with an account of his childhood in Pondicherry India where his father is the head of the Pondicherry Zoo. Pi is a deeply spiritual person who, after learning the teachings of Hinduism Islam and Catholicism, creates his own spiritual practice from all three traditions. Pi is equally enthralled with science, influenced not only by his agnostic father but also by his biology teacher, a confirmed atheist. While Pi’s scientific and religious influences exclude one other and even while the different religions he embraces are also mutually exclusive, Pi himself is able to integrate these seemingly disparate systems of thought into his daily life.

In 1977, Pi’s family departs Pondicherry for Toronto to avoid the brewing civil unrest in India, taking many of the zoo animals with them aboard the Tsintsum, a Japanese cargo ship. The ship inexplicably sinks, and Pi finds himself alone in the Pacific Ocean in a 26-foot lifeboat with a crippled zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a male Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. No one else survives. Before the first week is up, the hyena has killed the zebra and the orangutan, and the tiger has killed the hyena. Pi is left alone on the raft with the potentially man-eating tiger.

After overcoming his initial shock, Pi uses the boat’s survival gear to preserve his life from both the elements and the tiger. He overcomes his lifelong vegetarianism to be able to kill fish and sea turtles barehanded, though he finds the ease with which killing comes to him disturbing. Pi spends his days fishing for food for Richard Parker—in an effort to preserve his own life from the tiger—and tending the freshwater stills. Pi and the tiger face rainstorms, sharks, the scorching sun, and starvation. They also encounter whales, dolphins, and an oil tanker ship that narrowly misses the lifeboat as it passes by. Throughout this long period of suffering, Pi manages to remain sane by keeping up his daily religious practices.

Shortly thereafter, they come upon a vast floating island that is covered with trees and made up entirely of a strange type of algae. Pi and Richard Parker stay at the island for many weeks to recover their strength until one day Pi discovers that the algae becomes carnivorous at night. He and the tiger leave the island immediately.

Their lifeboat finally reaches the Mexican shore. Richard Parker bounds into the jungle without looking back, and Pi is discovered by some locals. He slowly recovers and makes his way to Toronto, where he eventually goes to school, marries, and has a family.

December 7, 2012

B4 The Weekend begins…Can Eye tell u a secret?

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Hey passengers,finally “FRIDAY!!!”.   Kick off my favorite weekend song and listen to my secret!

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“Can I tell you a secret?”. I’m glad you said yes <snicker>. Anyway, thanks. You know, from time to time I have to have a mirror moment. I guess I am like most folks in that I make mistakes, come under attack, and basically just subject to the same frailties as all of us, including suffering at the hands of others…even if I am left scratching my head saying…”What was that all about?”.

My point today (or my yammering) is about trying to live a life of humility and being humble. Unfortunately, in this world today it would seem that this manner of conduct sometimes invites abuse. But, my cure for overcoming is to have a mirror moment whereby I remind myself of a few things.

Of all the things I try to do is conduct myself in as humble a manner as possible. Some might hesitate to agree with this, because we tend to equate humility with weakness.

Imagine being told that the humblest man in the world is coming over to visit you. You would expect him to knock very quietly on the door, entering with his head bowed, meekly shuffling to the chair in the corner of the room. I think that a truly humble person knows he’s great, but he recognizes God as the source of his greatness. Can a brutha get an amen?

Yet the it is written that Moses was the humblest man that ever lived. Moses! The one who stood up to Pharaoh and said, “Let my people go!” The one who raised his staff to split the sea. The one who led the nation to victory in war. Could you imagine Moses walking into our home? You’d be bowled over by his greatness! But he was still humble.

I constantly have to look into my mirror reminding myself that a humble person is not someone who thinks he’s nothing. A humble person knows he’s something, but he recognizes God as the source of his greatness. Thinking one is something without recognizing God as the source leads to arrogance. And besides who would want to ride a train beside an arrogant person?

I want to pray today, again at noon, that I/we are special, talented, skilled, and everything wonderful, but I also want to pray that I never forget that all these things are a gift from God.

I have now learned that the humble person recognizes his/her inner strengths, he/she has the confidence to recognize greatness in others. An arrogant person might think he’s better than his friends, because (for example) he is such a great job or position, whereas the person who has humility knows he’s in a position in life, but also recognizes that other folks are good at things even if society looks down on that person taking your order and asking if you’d like to BIGGIE size.

Only the biggest among us can acknowledge the bigness in others. It’s the small-minded person who puts others down. Really big people make others feel big too. We all want our children to know and appreciate who they are, and to respect others.

“Finally”, the last aspect of humility is MY ability to admit MY errors. The arrogant person can do no wrong, while the humble person admits his mistakes freely. More importantly, the humble person always keeps in mind the possibility that he could be mistaken.

When the arrogant person finds that his bank statement contains a mistake, he marches into the bank and angrily demands an explanation for sloppy performance! The humble person, on the other hand, first takes a moment to consider the possibility that the mistake may have been his own. He then takes the statement to the bank and politely asks the teller to check the figures. He doesn’t accuse, he asks.

My humble admission. I needed to write this based on some recent experiences. I really want to humbly thank you each and every one of you for riding the LiFeTrain with me. I feel like I owe you some money for allowing me to sometimes lay on your couch and espouse the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the world according to Chuckie. Thanks again…have a blessed day and…


December 4, 2012

Tuesday’s Tips on the LifeTrain!

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Hey Passengers, it’s Tuesday and you know it…TIPS!!!  Today we have two full articles and one tip from your conductor…uh…that would be me.  Dr. Bill Bailey, PhD. talks to us about windows 8 and why you should prepare for the inevitable.  UPGRADE!

Attorney Ewing Carter III is back with an answer from one our fellow passengers concerning child custody.

And…My tip to you…

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That’s right…I know our redeemer lives…

Bonus tip:
Bring in the New Year with one of the best resolutions you could make.  Increased study of the word.  Coming in January 2013 each and every Wednesday night, Praying4youministries (Facebook page and website coming soon) kicks off Bible study/reading from GENESIS to REVELATIONS.   Wednesday nights from 7:PM until 8:PM.  Plan to join us each week, take a turn, read and help us learn…

The word!  …And in the beginning