Month: December 2012

Merry Monday! A Message to the Passengers…

ALL ABOARD!!!  All Aboard for a serious announcement!  But first, “MERRY MONDAY!!!”. KICK IT!  THE MOOD, THE MUSIC…For this last piece of 2012 Tonight at Midnight I will pray. I will thank the Lord, Abba Father for his mercy.  I’ll make another attempt to be

Merry Christmas Passengers!

ALL ABOARD!!!  A special concert just for you can be found below Watch me and my brothers “ROCK” the Holidays.  The Band:  The “Clocks” Featuring “CHUCKIE!!!”  CLICK

What I got from “The Life of Pi” – “TIGERS!”

All Aboard!  Well passengers  confession, work is winning this week…[loud laughter from me]…So, sorry I am a day late with this post… As I reported,  I recently saw the movie, Life of Pi. Maybe you have too.  Personally, I loved the movie,


Hey passengers without further a due or fanfare, check it out:  (CLICK) Tip:  Get that NIV ready.  Each and every Wednesday night from 7-8:PM Eastern.  Genesis to Revelation!  Get Ready, Join us!

Geeking out with Dr. Bill Ph.D. – Today: LINUX!

Hey Passengers, as was mentioned above we have a brand new car here on the LifeTrain that will morph into a plethora of technical information broken down just for you my fellow passengers.  Leading the charge will be our resident technical Doctor,

Merry Monday! It’s All About “ATTITUDES!”

Merry Monday! Hey Passengers, let’s start the week out right, Let’s do an “Attitudes!” check. In my humble opinion, When you extend pure love to everyone with selfless motivation that is an attitude of kindness. When you send good wishes

Homework status?

Hey passengers, anybody complete the homework this weekend.  See below.  If so leave a comment.  If not you still have a couple of days.   Be sure to see mine this Thursday….”Therapy Thursday” here on the Train.

Your Lifetrain weekend homework…

Hey Passengers, just a reminder of your homework for this weekend.  GO SEE THE MOVIE: The Life of Pi… We’ll discuss next week.  Have a great weekend and check back this weekend as i feel a EOW (End of week)

B4 The Weekend begins…Can Eye tell u a secret?

Hey passengers,finally “FRIDAY!!!”.   Kick off my favorite weekend song and listen to my secret! “Can I tell you a secret?”. I’m glad you said yes <snicker>. Anyway, thanks. You know, from time to time I have to have a mirror

Tuesday’s Tips on the LifeTrain!

Hey Passengers, it’s Tuesday and you know it…TIPS!!!  Today we have two full articles and one tip from your conductor…uh…that would be me.  Dr. Bill Bailey, PhD. talks to us about windows 8 and why you should prepare for the inevitable.  UPGRADE! Attorney Ewing