Month: November 2012

Thinking about Christmas Gifts? Try this one…

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.~ Epictetus   Good day fellow passengers. As you board the train today imagine me, your humble conductor,

Therapy Thursday: Holiday blues, is it Nostalgia or Depression?

Hey Passengers, I was thinking, is nostalgia a disorder of the imagination, where the mind is dwelling upon past memories and loses interest in the present situation: a mood disorder. Is it a longing for pleasures, experiences, or events belonging

Merry Monday! I’m Just Sayin…

ALL ABOARD! …and “Merry Monday!”. Welcome back passengers, I hope you had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving, I did. If noting else, we spent it this side of six feet( above ground). …Let’s get right to it. KICK IT! …the mood,

Politically-colored spectacles

The Greatest Mystery Of The Last US Elections? KICK IT!  (The mood, the music Is it just me, or did it seem like depending on what network you were following, and their polling results you didn’t know what was what…who

Charles & Charles bring you a special LifeTrain presentation on the origins of “Thanksgiving” …How America began

Charles Schulz and I your conductor bring you a special holiday understanding of the first Thanksgiving today here on the Train….SO….ALL ABOARD! Intermission…Time for a Turkey Sammich! And now Part II

“Graduating Student Credits His ‘Angel'”

Hey passengers, the weekend begins!  All Aboard! KICK IT!  The mood, the music, for the mood… One of my favorite things to do is waking up on Saturday morning, and take my woman Ida out to breakfast.  I enjoy kicking back

Therapy Thursday with Dr. Emily Hath PhD. – This week, “Dealing with Lost Love”

Hey passengers, Welcome to “Therapy Thursday” on the LifeTrain.  A very good friend of mine  recently asked me if I would ask Dr.E if she could ever fully recover from a failed love in order to fully love her new husband to

Tuesday’s Tips! We are meant to be in relation…But, how?

All Aboard!  KICK IT (The mood):   I believe that we, as humans, are meant to be in relationships. We’re supposed to have relationships, romantic and platonic and they are supposed to be healthy. But the truth is, no

Veterans Day, may we all be in remembrance and thanksgiving…

Hey Passengers, the flag on the engine of the train today waves proudly thanks to our brave veterans.  “To us in America, the reflections of Veterans Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died

LifeTrain Weekend Edition…It’s “Jibber Jabber!” Time!

All Aboard!  It’s the weekend and it’s time for Jibber Jabber.  Jibber Jabber occurs when I just want to sit down and chat with you in the Diner car over a cup of coffee.  Translated, it’s just me and you chillin here..talking about