Month: October 2012

Challenges ahead!

Hey Passengers, most of us are typically happy when there are no uncomfortable challenges in our lives. There is nothing wrong with that. However, when change is required, challenge is necessary. Never allow challenge to throw you off your game. If

Shirley Murdock Joins Friends for The Dayton Gem City Music Fest…

There is one thing that Shirley Murdock has learned throughout her career and that is to enjoy life. Every time Murdock is given the opportunity to use her God given gifts, she does it with a smile. Murdock smiles real

JUz zA HEadS Up…

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Merry Monday! This week, “LEAD!!!”

Hey passengers, Merry Monday!  All Aboard and welcome to a new week.  We are hunkering down this week as the Train leaves the station once again hoping that Sandy will not rattle the tracks to bad.  So, hang on and

Depending on how mad Sandy is..

Sandy is coming so…The train might be delayed a bit over the next few days… but, Lord willing…   In the meantime I would axe that you: Le’ Conductor! Not to say you shouldn’t keep checking back daily… All Aboard!

Date Night w/Chuckie – Let’s Dance N The Rain…

Let’s go on a date tonight.  Let’s just pick a warm, private, rainy place.  Let’s kick off our shoes and shake off the past week’s trials…and opportunities to succeed (seeing the glass half full), and let’s learn how to “DANCE

Therapy Thursday with Dr. Emily Hath PhD. – Anxiety (Part II of III).

Welcome aboard Passengers for another round of discussion with Dr. Hath.  Last week we discussed causes of Anxiety, this week we talk about coping skills. KICK IT! (The Mood music) Chuckie:  Dr. E!  Welcome back aboard the Train. DrE:  Glad to

Tuesday’s Tips (Part I) on the LifeTrain! Today, “Legally Speaking!”

All Aboard for another round of tips on the LifeTrain.  Today we are once again glad to welcome aboard Attorney Ewing Carter III.  Attorney Carter practices in North Carolina, in the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem).  You can learn

Tuesday Tips (Part II)

Hey passenger’s in additon to legally speaking which I purposely kept segregated for you here’s a few more tips for Tuesday. KICK IT!!! LIFE ENHANCERS –  Here on the train my main mission as your conductor is to be a

Merry Monday! “FORWARD!” March!

Hey Passengers, all aboard and Merry Monday! KICK IT! (The mood music for this Merry Monday) When I woke up this morning lying in bed, I was asking myself; What are some of the secrets of success in life for