Month: August 2012

My Jibber Jabber…

Welcome back aboard the train.  Never think that I take for-granted your meeting me here.  For what is life with no one to share things with …That would be like a train with no passengers… Welcome aboard…the LifeTrain. Today on

Tuesday’s Tip(s)…

Hey Passengers, welcome back aboard the Train.  As per protocol…Today is the day we look at some tips, sometimes technical, sometimes just tips for life.  Today, I am sharing a previously posted article I did awhile back.  It deals with


Hey passengers “MERRY MONDAY!”.  Question are you seeing as much change in your lives as I am at the present?  Well, actually change has “always” occurred in my life as of course in yours.  So, what I should say is,

Tuesday’s Tip: It’s still 90%!

All Aboard!  Good day passengers and welcome back aboard the train.  As I greet you i want to remind you of the saying that lends to today’s topic (Tip). “Life is 10 Percent What Happens to You and 90 Percent

Now showing on the LifeTrain: “The Confederate States of America”

If you’re going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh; otherwise they’ll kill you… – George Bernard Shaw I saw this movie and it was a trip.  So much so that I just wanted to share it. 

Communications Week on the LifeTrain (Cont.) Today: Do women hear us? DO women Listen?

Hey Passengers, As you know I am exploring new ways to communicate for self improvement.  I stumbled across this resource…or fact that helps me to understand gender communications issues better. CLICK

Merry Monday! Welcome to “Improved Communications” week here on the Train…

Hey Passengers, Merry Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  This week I am looking into my mirror, taking a look at how I can improve communications at work and in my relationships. More and more I am starting to

Therapy Thursday with Dr. Emily…”Rappin About Restin”

Welcome back/Aboard passengers.  Welcome to Therapy Thursday here on the train.  I am so glad to have my Friend back with us again, Dr. Emily Hath.  She says I can affectionately now call her Dr. E..  Recently I laid on

What I learned on my vacation…”The value of rest”

Save room for Love and rest…My homeboy from Springfield, Ohio provides mood music for the today’s post… “Sabbath is subversive – its sabotages a world obsessed with activity. Keeping the Sabbath detoxifies us from the false Belief that our value

@ Da Movies…”Slingblade”

Hey Passengers, I thought we would start a new tradition here on the train.  Let’s share movie finds.  I’m going to share both new releases and old ones as well.  To start things off, if you haven’t seen Sling blade