August 30, 2012

My Jibber Jabber…

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Welcome back aboard the train.  Never think that I take for-granted your meeting me here.  For what is life with no one to share things with …That would be like a train with no passengers…

Welcome aboard…the LifeTrain.

Today on the Train – Jibber Jabber! One of my favorite ways to whine!  I love it when I Jibber Jabber, usually on Thursdays when my brain is so full (and fatigued) that I do a cathartic brain dump. ROFL, not sure if I phrased that right but, it’s DANG sure what I meant…A CATHARTIC BRAIN dump. Ever been so mentally fatigued (beat down by life) that you just wanted to melt down…Try JIBBER JABBER baby. Let it all hang out…on paper or in my case the keyboard as it may be…

JIBBER JABBER!  It’s also my way of venting, sharing cryptic revelations; teasing you with a peek behind my real curtain.  “As if you really care to look (LAUGHTER!!!).

JIBBER JABBER!  I have learned that folks really like a good listener.  And I gladly, with pleasure (hoping that it helps) listen quietly and intently without passing judgement.  Problem is most folks are strictly asynchronous…THUS!

JIBBER JABBER!!!  A time and place when I get to do ALL the venting, whining and cryptic teasing your curiosity about one so humble and unimportant…MWAH!  …As always comments and questions welcomed…click comments lower right of this post.


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  • Sunglasses are one of man’s greatest inventions…and not for reasons you may think.  They provide protection from more than the sun.
  • I want a rock.  I want a rock in the mountains.  I want a rock in the mountains on which to sit on with a 357 magnum because I am afraid of bears.  I want a rock high in the mountains… so high that I can look down on the tops of other mountains.  I want a rock so I could sit alone and think… or not think…I want a rock.  I can see it in North Carolina…I want a rock…
  • There is “almost” nothing like the feeling of the moment you touch down in an airport of your vacation destination “or” the moment you are walking up the walk-way boarding a cruise ship.  BUT!!!  LOL! There is a cost.  Walking off the ship “after” the vacation!…BACK TO REALITY…
  • I wish I could get this dang book done, “The Profile”.  In some ways I think I might be a little afraid of success …or failure…or something.  Think I will run this past one of my psych Doctor Friends, Dr. Hath or Doctor Kim (Dewitt).  The thing is, there are subjects that I “HAVE” to deal with in order to deliver the impact that I “NEED” to deliver that are controversial.  I want the book to ultimately glorify God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit but, there are some un-holy aspects that the main character has to get through in order to come out clean and holy in the end.  I’ll get there though because this book must be birthed before I die.
  • I wish I would’ve taken my Grandmothers and my mother on a cruise before they died.   Do that if you still can…if they still live.
  • I want a rock…solitude, the perfect elixir.
  • Always remember I told you this, even when I am dead and gone.  If you can…make rational…, not emotional decisions.  There is value to looking at data and not your heart.  Don’t get me wrong, the heart is a beautiful thing.  But, one plus one will always be two.  Look, I told you this was jibber jabber.  Just stuff that is literally falling out of my head at this very second.  Some of it comes as a result of encounters this week.  Anyway, remember, one plus one will ALWAYS equal two.
  • Some people see things in color.  Some people see things in black and white.  I see things in music.  The problem with reality…there’s no background music.
  • Do you believe in eternal salvation security?  Once saved always saved?  Leave a comment.
  • I believe that Jesus is the son of God; he died for my sins and that he is the only way back to the father.  I hope I am saved.
  • This old fat guy keeps showing up in pictures people take around me now.  I’m wondering where this guy came from and who told him to push me out the way at just the right moment.
  • My friend/brother from another mother, David McCoy had a stroke this week.  Please pray for him.
  • I want a rock…
  • I wish I could really write things that I really need to write about…LOL.  BUT, if nothing else I realize the value and purpose of being politically correct.  I was out with a girlfriend once and she flat blasted me because I confided this to her.  She accused me of being weak and unfair…and somewhat dishonest because I was “HOLDING BACK”.  She meant well but, I couldn’t quite understand her anger.  It’s funny because had I not opted to be the politician that I am things could’ve gotten ugly.  But, the point is, I could really let loose if I didn’t have my IMPP (Internal Moral Political Police) to keep me under control.
  • I have this practice now, where in the midst of things I do more listening then talking.  Try it, it’s amazing.  I do my talking here.
  • Everybody has a butt to kiss…everybody.  I envy those who have fewer cheeks to smooch.  Didn’t I just say something about the IMPP?  They must be at lunch during this comment.
  • My heroes are those folks who give from the very little that they have.  Like the stories from the Bible where God was pleased with the poor that gave or sacrificed something, having very little as opposed to the very rich who gave sparing from the riches they had.  I wish I could give more to the poor.  But, I wonder could I be trusted with riches…ROFL!!! That’s probably one that I won’t have to worry about…LOL!
  • Crazy times we live in.  No woman should ever have to tell her husband to tell “Him”, you belong to me.  Nor, a husband should never have to tell his wife “tell her you belong to me”.  Why are men dressing as women and women dressing as men?  Please help me understand…
  • I’ve lived so many places in this country but, I still call Ohio home.  To that end I was wondering where I’d like to be buried.  I was thinking maybe mid-field, 50 yard line, Evans Stadium, Springfield, Ohio.
  • True leaders, I have observed, know how and when to lead from the back.
  • Note to self:  If the General panics, the troops panic.

Jibber Jabber…Just stuff that falls from my mind, usually on Thursdays, when I’ve had too little sleep and way to much coffee…

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August 28, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip(s)…

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Hey Passengers, welcome back aboard the Train.  As per protocol…Today is the day we look at some tips, sometimes technical, sometimes just tips for life.  Today, I am sharing a previously posted article I did awhile back.  It deals with change, life’s changes as did yesterday’s article.  It would seem that there are a lot of folks close to me, and your truly included dealing with life’s changes.  And let’s face it, change is not always pleasant but, it is inevitable.  So, let’s once again slide back the curtain of the Train’s “change management” car and look inside.  But first…the music sets the tone of the read:

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Let us begin to put as bigger focus  on the present.  The past is unchangeable so it is futile to reflect on it unless you are making sure you do not repeat past mistakes. The future is but a result of our actions today. So let’s learn from the past to do better in the present so that we can succeed in the future.  Hummm…did I get my point across on that one?  Makes sense to me but, that’s the scary part <laugh with me>.

One of my favorite authors is the late Richard Carlson.  He wrote a series of books on not sweating the small stuff.  BUT!  “What about the BIG stuff”.  Sometimes life brings “BIG STUFF”.  Sometimes you just can’t write off something like, death of a loved one, divorce or loss of a job as “small stuff”.  There’s a book by Carlson, “What about the BIG stuff”, that may offer some relief.

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In What About the Big Stuff?, Richard Carlson’s warm, reassuring advice helps us learn to deal with some of the larger issues in life chapters such as:

  • Overcome Aging Anxiety
  • Become a Healing Force
  • Experience Calm Resolve
  • Retirement
  • Listen to Your World
  • Let Go of Your Past
  • Finding Life After Death
  • and much more.

There is a part in the book that speaks of worries like sport fishing.  Catching the fish, looking at it, placing it (the worry) in the water and watching it swim away.  I use that sometime….really.  Get the book…sometimes it’s not little stuff.

Additionally we could begin to set aside a specific time to worry each day. Ponder all of our problems and anxieties during that time so that they will not distract us during work or moments of pleasure.  This way might become more efficient with our time and avoid focusing on negative things as much as possible. If we get all of our worry out of the way and have the mental fortitude to keep from reverting back to them, we might realize happier days.  Try it, lemme know.

Last tip for the this Tuesday.  Let’s come up with a life mantra. You know, like “Carpe Diem” or “Live life to the fullest,” but not as cliché. Make it something that really hits home with us so that we will actually stick to it. Make sure it’s not so specific that it rarely applies but also not so general that it’s not personal.  Mine:

If your plane crashed in the water, and everybody died…would you drown on purpose or try to survive?  Never give up!

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All Aboard, the LifeTrain!!!




August 27, 2012


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Hey passengers “MERRY MONDAY!”.  Question are you seeing as much change in your lives as I am at the present?  Well, actually change has “always” occurred in my life as of course in yours.  So, what I should say is, does it seem to be getting harder to accept that change will in fact occur and occur and keep occurring as long as we have breath in our bodies as my grandmothers used to say, rest in peace Ms. Daniel and Ms. Marsh.

Anyway, I’m at a point where I need to refocus on my ability to handle life’s changes, health, family, loss of loved ones, career…on and on.  So, I have decided it’s time to brush off my resources on change management and hunker down for “CHANGE!”.  So, to  kick things off this week I’d like to share one of my favorite books with you written by the Christian author doctor Spencer Johnson, “Who Moved My Cheese?”.  This enlightening story introduces four characters who live in a ‘maze’ and look for ‘cheese’ to nourish them and make them happy. Two are mice and two are ‘little people’. The ‘cheese’ is a metaphor for what you want to have in life – whether it is a good job, a loving relationship, money, a possession, health, or spiritual peace of mind. And the ‘maze’ is where you look for what you want – the organization you work in, or the family or community you live in. In this story, the characters are faced with unexpected change but deal with it successfully.

With it’s non-threatening approach and simple-to-adopt techniques, this engaging program, suitable for all levels of staff, gives people an enjoyable way to thrive in times of change. The simple cheese metaphor is easy to remember and incorporate into training, and can be in large groups to create a common language and small groups to deal with specific changes.

Besides the Bible of course, this book provides me with comfort, direction and focus.  I hope you get something from this.  No matter how many times I read it, I get more and more from it.  So go pop some corn, crack a diet coke and join me in figuring out…”WHO MOVED MY CHEESE!!!”.

More to come on dealing with change.

All Aboard, The LifeTrain!


August 21, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip: It’s still 90%!

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All Aboard!  Good day passengers and welcome back aboard the train.  As I greet you i want to remind you of the saying that lends to today’s topic (Tip).

“Life is 10 Percent What Happens to You and 90 Percent How You React to It”

As think of ways to keep that in the forefront of my mind I use the following story as an aid.  I hope it will help you as well

The Story(Please pass it along)…

There once lived a great warrior. Though quite old, he still was able to defeat any challenger. His reputation extended far and wide throughout the land and many students gathered to study under him.

One day an infamous young warrior arrived at the village. He was determined to be the first man to defeat the great master. Along with his strength, he had an uncanny ability to spot and exploit any weakness in an opponent. He would wait for his opponent to make the first move, thus revealing a weakness, and then would strike with merciless force and lightning speed. No one had ever lasted with him in a match beyond the first move.

Much against the advice of his concerned students, the old master gladly accepted the young warrior’s challenge. As the two squared off for battle, the young warrior began to hurl insults at the old master. He threw dirt and spit in his face. For hours he verbally assaulted him with every curse and insult known to mankind. But the old warrior merely stood there motionless and calm. Finally, the young warrior exhausted himself. Knowing he was defeated, he left feeling shamed.

Somewhat disappointed that he did not fight the insolent youth, the students gathered around the old master and questioned him. “How could you endure such an indignity? How did you drive him away?”

“If someone comes to give you a gift and you do not receive it,” the master replied, “to whom does the gift belong?”

People’s reactions to this story:
“The old warrior must have been thick-skinned!!!!!”

“I would hesitate (he who hesitates is lost) to call insults a gift, but this reminds me of child’s saying, ‘I’m made of rubber, you’re made of glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.’”

“To win without violence is the greatest victory!”

“Reacting to insulting behavior only serves to give the insulting party EXACTLY what they want.”

“Perhaps the master did accept the gift. The gift was victory. The master needed only stand there (and take it) to accept his gift.”

“If you do not receive someone’s gift of insults, you haven’t been insulted.” “The young whippersnapper obviously fell into his own trap. With the first insult he gave away victory to the old man by displaying his own weakness.”

“It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s what happens in you.”

“This story reminds me of something I read in one of my aikido books. Two old,great masters were preparing to fight in a Kendo match, Japanese swordsmanship. When the match started, neither one moved from their fighting stance. In fact they both stayed exactly still for five minutes until the match was finally called a draw. If they made the first move it would reveal their weaknesses, and they would be defeated. Now that is awesome.”

“An insult is like a glass of wine. It only affects you if you accept it.”

“This story reminds me of the question, “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?” The same question can be asked in this story, paraphrasing “If an insult falls on deaf ears, who is insulted?”

“The older warrior had no other choice but to not move and stand fast. He understood his own limitations and through his years of experience also knew his opponents strengths. He was once a young warrior too.”

“If I may be so crude, I’d say that our “infamous young warrior” got his butt kicked.”

“This reminds me of my mother’s words “If you throw stones into a slushy puddle, it is bound to splash back on you!” We are Indians (from Asia) and boy do we have thousands of such zen stories!!!”

“This story illustrates a universal principle (read “truth”). The setting for the story is appropriate because its lesson is a two-edged sword: there is the obvious consequence of the elder warrior refusing to accept the younger warrior’s “gifts,” and also the more subtle but implicit idea that a gift cannot be accepted without quid pro quo. The old warrior also had gifts to bestow — knowledge of his skill and his weakness. The younger man, because he focused only on weaknesses was blind to the older warrior’s proffered “gift,” and therefore refused it. So the elder retained his strengths while the younger went away empty-handed.”

“It illustrates the universal truth that “whatever you give is what you receive” (Sowing and reaping) or “whatever goes around, comes around”.

August 17, 2012

Now showing on the LifeTrain: “The Confederate States of America”

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If you’re going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh; otherwise they’ll kill you…

– George Bernard Shaw

I saw this movie and it was a trip.  So much so that I just wanted to share it.  It deals with slavery racism, some fiction and non-fiction.  BUT!!!  [yelling over the intercom]  “Passengers”, “Now here this”,  Now showing in the movie car on the train…a MOCKUMENTARY…See this for what it is, just a MOCKUMENTARY kinda of a “WHAT IF”??!!

Welcome to Friday film day on the Train.  Today we have a very controversial offering:  “The Confederate States of America”

C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America is a 2004 mockumentary directed by Kevin Willmott. It is a fictional “tongue-in-cheek” account of an alternate history, in which the Confederates won the American Civil War, establishing the new Confederate States of America (that incorporates the former United States as well). The film primarily details significant political and cultural events of C.S.A. history from its founding until the 2000s. This viewpoint is used to satirize real-life issues and events, and to shed light on the continuing existence of discrimination in American culture. C.S.A was released on DVD on August 8, 2006.

The movie portrays two historians, Sherman Hoyle, a conservative Confederate States of America (CSA) white man, and Patricia Johnson, a black Canadian, as “talking heads,” providing commentary. Throughout the documentary, a Confederate politician and Democratic presidential candidate, John Ambrose Fauntroy V (the great-grandson of one of the men who helped to create the CSA), is interviewed. Narration explains faux historical newsreel footage, which is either acted for the production, or made of genuine footage with fictional, dubbed narration.

Racist ads aimed at white slave-owning families appear throughout the movie, including an electronic shackle for tracking runaway slaves, a Runaway television program (satirizing COPS), Sambo X-15 Axle Grease, Darkie Toothpaste, Gold dust washing powder, Niggerhair cigarettes, and the Coon Chicken Inn. Additional commercials were produced but deleted from the final cut, including ads for the Confederate States Air Force and the children’s show Uncle Tom and Friends. The sitcom Beulah is portrayed as Leave It to Beulah.

At the film’s end, titles note that parts of the fictional CSA timeline are based on real-life history, and that some of the advertised products did exist.

Through the eyes of a British “documentary”, this film takes a satirically humorous, and sometimes frightening, look at the history of an America where the South won the Civil War.  Get your popcorn and diet coke…enjoy.  Oh and fasten your seat-belts…

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August 15, 2012

Communications Week on the LifeTrain (Cont.) Today: Do women hear us? DO women Listen?

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Hey Passengers, As you know I am exploring new ways to communicate for self improvement.  I stumbled across this resource…or fact that helps me to understand gender communications issues better.


August 13, 2012

Merry Monday! Welcome to “Improved Communications” week here on the Train…

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Hey Passengers, Merry Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  This week I am looking into my mirror, taking a look at how I can improve communications at work and in my relationships.

More and more I am starting to understand that to have improved communications, I have to arm myself with strategies for talking about anything without offending, hurting, or angering the person with whom I’m speaking. Honestly, good communication skills that just don’t just work for marriage. They can also come in handy in other relationships, including those with your extended family and co-workers.  Wish me luck as I look at the man in mirror this week.

Question:  Am I the only one that has been engaged in what I call “I’m right and you are wrong contest”?  Whether it is with one of my boys, a possible intended, or a wife as the case may be.  That is a power struggle.

In my experience, power struggles begin to emerge around developing NEEDS AND WANTS that need to be related to. For example, at times I have felt like the person I was dealing with and myself both had the need to be heard and be seen. There also seems to be a need to listen and resolve past hurts.  I find that the secret here is to respectfully articulate and listen to each other about past hurts.  That usually does the trick.  It’s the ability and willingness to enter into a dialogue that is important. Right and wrong, guilty and innocent, belong in a courtroom and not in a loving relationship or a valued friendship, where both sides are usually right at the same time (how’s that for complexity!).

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I suggest that you do as I have committed to do. Buy a book that teaches emotional communication so we can learn to avoid that ugly struggle of “I’m Right!”, “You’re Wrong”.

Hey LifeTrain passengers, join me this week as I look into my mirror and examine how i can better enter into a learning path of loving and respectful communication so that my future differences may be addressed in a more optimal manner.

Let me know what you think…leave a comment…see lower right, click “comment”

All Aboard!  The LifeTrain!

August 9, 2012

Therapy Thursday with Dr. Emily…”Rappin About Restin”

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Welcome back/Aboard passengers.  Welcome to Therapy Thursday here on the train.  I am so glad to have my Friend back with us again, Dr. Emily Hath.  She says I can affectionately now call her Dr. E..  Recently I laid on the Doc’s couch and we chatted over some Beers…nah…just kidding it was Earl Grey Tea.  After our chat she told me that I needed to check out of life for awhile.  basically that I needed to shutdown and get some rest or bad things were about to happen.  Being the “MAN LION” that I am I just laughed…She didn’t [laugh].

As luck would have it, I was already unwillingly scheduled to take a vacation that I thought I had nether the time nor money for.  Turns out it was an epiphany for me.  I needed that rest.  I was shocked at just how fatigued I was overall, physically and mentally.  But, had I not stopped…run out of the Forrest (my life) and sharpened my axe…well…LOL as the Doc put it, bad things might’ve happened.  Dr. E was right.  So much so that I decided to interview her about the subject of…well…rest.  Kick off the mood (music video) and enjoy our time with Dr.E.

Chuckie:  Dr. Hath!
Dr. E.:  Chuckie!

Dr. E.:  Well young man you’re looking much rested and clear of eye.
Chuckie:  Ok, Doc…you got me, you were right.

Dr. E.:  No young man, you were right.  You were at a serious fork in the road.  As many of us are in terms of getting proper rest.  Rest my friend…Required for Life.  The boat was good for you.

Chuckie:  That’s hard for some of us to understand in this busy rat race…rest required for Life.  I mean I know the obvious but, you seem to have a deeper motivation for saying that.
Dr. E.:  Yes you are correct…there are some serious ramifications for not understanding the true importance in today’s highly connected society.  So, why the emphasis on the subject lack of rest over some subjects such as Cancer, heart disease etc.?  We’ll get to that and the connection that most don’t understand.  Anyway, one reason for rest – to survive.  Rest takes up more of your life than food, and is every much as necessary.  You need rest to grow and regenerate, to learn and experience the fullest passion.  In other words, to live.  But people don’t “get” rest.  They don’t get it in two senses – they don’t get enough of it to optimally regenerate their bodies, and they don’t understand what rest is – and what it does.

Part of the reason is the way many of us think – in classic Western fashion, of opposites and dualities. To make distinctions, much of our world is put together as up-down, good-bad, alive-or-dead, right-left, black and white.  Rest breaks those boundaries apart, combining endless, continuous regeneration with action and seeming passivity. Yet we don’t see the differences.

Chuckie:  Ok…Doc, keep breaking it down.
Dr. E.:  Partly the reason is language itself.  For many rest is a passive way of time; in some versions of Christian theology, rest represents idleness and laziness, doing the devil’s work herself.  Mental images of rest immediately connect with productiveness and goldbricking, the gateway to dissipation.  We also see rest in machine terms. Rest is the organism “turned off.” Activity is the organism “turned on,” in other words, alive. Because of such dualistic thinking, many think of rest as similar to death. Death is sometimes defined as “eternal rest.” Many a philosopher and writer of the last 3000 years talks of sleep, a passive form of rest, as “the little death” or “like death.”

Chuckie:  Death…that’s an interesting way of putting it.  And I recall from childhood that we were taught some negative things about certain forms of rest being tantamount to laziness and…”You can sleep when you die!”…get up!
Dr. E.:  Humans will do almost anything to avoid death. They don’t want to be associated with anything dealing with it. You see this in kids. When they’re doing something they want, they want to keep at it – all day and all night. They’ll play until they’re bored (boredom is also associated in our minds with rest) or until they’re “forced” to sleep. Even with adults, rest is the “enemy” when we’re having fun.  (CLICK)

Chuckie:  So…Why do we have to stop?  Why can’t we keep going, just like our machines keep going?
Dr. E.:  Because we’re not machines, and thinking we are produces a profoundly mistaken and unhealthy view of our bodies and human biology.

Dr. E.:  Chuckie, sometimes doing “Nothing”, “May Be The Best and Most Active Thing You Do”

Dr. E.:  Here’s a thought, right now passengers are reading this interview. But for a minute their thoughts may wander (they’re reading about rest, after all) and your mind shifts to random thoughts. You’re doing “nothing.” Meanwhile your body is re-making you with extreme velocity.

Chuckie:  How fast would you say this process occurs?
Dr. E.:  Most of us, barring skeletal materials like bones, teeth, the lens of the eye, cytoskeletal proteins like elastin, is made, gone, and replaced inside 3-4 weeks. When things work hard, the process is even faster. Your gut lining is gone in 1-2 days. The pumping proteins in your heart that let you read this sentence are, according to Ana Maria Cuervo of Albert Einstein Medical College, made, used, repaired, pulped, and recycled inside 60-90 minutes.  Inside each of our ten trillion cells fly a billion protein-protein interactions every second. Every one is an information event. Every one helps to change you, remake you, so you never, ever stay the same.  But as far as you’re concerned, you’re doing “nothing.” You’re just “wasting time.”  All this time your body is regenerating – into a new form. Certainly most of the changes are not conscious.  And there’s the rub. If it isn’t conscious, your brain tells you it probably didn’t happen.
So when you go to sleep, it’s like “turning off,” turning that light switch off in your bedroom – along with all your electronic devices. Except that in even such “passive” rest like sleep, you’re entirely rewiring your brain; creating new neural pathways and slowing down or ending others; learning; remembering; thinking out new responses to problems; remaking your athletic capabilities; renewing and remaking your bones and muscles, and rapidly growing new skin, far faster than when you’re awake.

Chuckie:  Is this really like “turning of a light switch?”.
Dr. E.:  Sleep deprive any animal and it dies. Prevent cellular reprocessing, the autophagy Professor Cuervo studies, and you die. And even when you’re at your most physically or mentally “active,” running down a lacrosse field or trying to understand quantum physics, your brain may increase its overall energy use perhaps one half of one percent.

Chuckie:  But, some of this sounds almost like re-thinking something like “Something from Nothing”.
Dr. E.:  You’re never doing “nothing.” Every second of your life you’re remaking yourself, even if you’re unconscious of the billions of new antibodies produced by your immune system to deal with the new bacteria that just started growing in your nose, or the hepatitis B virus that’s making 100 billion copies of itself, potentially mutating with each new virus that appears every 4 hours. That unbalancing yourself by swatting that fly off your nose has put pressure on a whole new group of muscles around your knee, which will now regrow in ways you’ve never seen before.  Because the body adapts or dies. We learn – or we are no more.  If your immune system fails even temporarily the 100 trillion bacteria in your gut may try to take control and kill you, or cancer cells will form all over the place that will destroy you a bit more slowly. Because every time you stand up all your three dimensional senses are reactivated in a new way, with new information that must be processed, remembered or forgotten.  That every time you bite into a sandwich your brain and gut will respond to the thousands of different substances inside that food, trying to figure out what’s useful and what’s potentially lethal, what works and what harms.

Chuckie:  So this is sub-conscientious activity?
Dr. E.:  You may not be conscious of any of it, but all that information makes you and remakes you – every second of your life.  Because that’s what rest is: regeneration, the way your body lives, thrives, and survives, using the information it receives and creates. Stop sleep and you can die. Short shrift sleep and you wreck your ability to learn and remember, increase your chance of stroke and heart attack, set yourself up for colds, mess up your skin and set yourself to gain weight, quickly and reliably.  And that’s just a passive form of rest, sleep.

Because there’s far more – the active forms of rest you consciously control that reactivate your own regeneration. There’s physical rest, mental rest, social rest, spiritual rest, ways to renew you and restore you as your body rebuilds itself.  So remember my friend, the point is  rebuild itself it must.

Chuckie:  So…looks like we need to look at both control and self control
Dr. E.:  You can control some of these processes – if you know about the tools every human being has. How your skin and muscle, bone and brain regenerate, learn, remake themselves, renew themselves, recreate themselves, like Heraclitus’ river, never remaining the same, powered by the insanely propulsive velocity of life that springs deep within your living cells. Rest is not passive, but active – the active principle that lets you live.
So to get rest, please remember these two propositions:

Rest > Sleep
Regeneration >> Rest

Chuckie:  Thanks Doc, good stuff.  I think we’ve probably given our passengers enough to think about or digest for now.  Any parting thoughts as we close?
Dr. E:  Yes, let me leave you with a story and a parting thought. Sometimes it feels like life is like an out of control 18 wheeler barreling down the highway at 95 miles per hour.  Although we do a good job of keeping up appearances on the outside, inside we sometimes  wonder “how I’m going to make it to tomorrow?”.

I think this is typical of women, especially black women.  We feel like we have so many other people depending on us that we don’t take time out for ourselves.  What you must  learn is that you have to take time out for “ME” so you can be better for THEM.

This situation reminds me of an old story that we’ve all heard before.  It was a while ago so I’m not certain on all of the details however the jist of it goes like this.

There were two lumberjacks chopping trees in the forest.  One lumberjack just chopped chopped chopped for two days straight.  He never stopped to eat, drink or rest.  The second lumberjack would chop for a few hours and then take a break.  Then he would come back and chop some more.  After a while, he would take another break.

At the end of the two days both lumberjacks stood proudly next to their piles of wood.  The 1st lumberjack was astonished to see that although he had a very high pile, the second lumberjack’s pile was twice as high.  The 1st lumberjack said to the 2nd one, “I don’t understand.  I chopped for two days straight and never stopped but your pile is higher!  How can that be?”  The second lumberjack replied, “I stopped to sharpen my axe.”

The moral of the story is that we’ve all got to take time to “sharpen our axes.”  When you take time for yourself, you can come back and be the best you for everyone else!

Dr. E.:  Yes my friend…remember, to fully enjoy life, to truly vacation, to truly remember, learn, think and become wise, you need to know how to rest.
Really rest.

Chuckie:  Thanks Doc.  See you next time
Dr.  E:  You are very welcome – until.

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August 7, 2012

What I learned on my vacation…”The value of rest”

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Save room for Love and rest…My homeboy from Springfield, Ohio provides mood music for the today’s post…

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“Sabbath is subversive – its sabotages a world obsessed with activity. Keeping the Sabbath detoxifies us from the false Belief that our value is defined by what we do or what we produce”


This is a quote from Paul Valler who recently wrote a brilliant article for the January edition of Christianity magazine titled ‘ Finding the Sabbath in a non stop world‘. The article is brilliant as it is not only really well written but also really timely and relevant. Although leisure and pleasure are seemingly increasing features in our consumer society its odd as its also seems that work, productivity and the expectations around it are also massively on the rise.

In the article he states that “Jesus famously refuted the Sabbath legalism of the Pharisees (Mark 2:27). Jesus shows us that the Sabbath is about human flourishing and about grace, not about keeping rules. We don’t need Sabbath rules. What we urgently need to rediscover is the Sabbath Rationale”

This is key as we certainly don’t want or need any more legalism and rules in our lives, but a principle, a rhythm, a way of being that allows for rest, recreation and restoration is vital and the Sabbath principle seems like a very wise and biblical approach to life that is vital. Yet it can be so hard! Often I am far more restless than rested. Now its true that out of restlessness and striving/frustration can come some great work, productivity, activism, protest and creativity, so being ‘restless’ in one sense is a good thing, but being without rest, literally, is something that can’t be sustained in the long term, which is why Rest and Sabbath are key to a truly productive, full and creative life lived well and to give full glory to God.

I was recently advised by my friend Dr. Emily Hath Ph.D, that I was in need of rest, true rest.  She spoke to me about a very helpful talk that was given last year at Tearfund’s annual staff conference on REST – Reflect, Enjoy, Serve, Trust. Reflect: Take Divine Pauses, Enjoy: Celebrate Success, Serve: People not Projects and Trust God for Transformation (Psalm 33).

Activism and Action is brilliant and definitely a key part of what it means to be human, but so to is Rest! The Sabbath/Rest principle is a vital part of living a truly full life in an age of great productivity.

I mentioned earlier in this post that I was advised to get some rest by Dr. Hath.  I will share more of our talk this Thursday (Therapy Thursday) here on the LifeTrain, I hope to see you then.  God Bless.

OH!  In the mean time it seems my brother and I, Retired Colonel Hollie Montgomery are on the same blogging wave-length this week.  “PLEASE” check his most recent post ( Leaders Need a Little Downtime too…) out at:  http:

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August 3, 2012

@ Da Movies…”Slingblade”

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Hey Passengers, I thought we would start a new tradition here on the train.  Let’s share movie finds.  I’m going to share both new releases and old ones as well.  To start things off, if you haven’t seen Sling blade (an oldie) check it out.  It’s kind of a Forrest Gump on steroids flick.  It’ll make you feel good, feel bad, feel good…feel bad.  Check it out, and let me know what you think.  Leave a comment, share your thoughts and a movie find of your own.

Have a great weekend!
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