Month: July 2012

To my “FRAINS”…

Merry Monday and welcome aboard the Train for another week of station stops.  To start the week off let me share with you something that a VERY good friend who rode the Train last week shared with me as a

Therapy Thursday…Relationships (cont.) “Tips for when the break-up is imminent”. An interview with Dr. Emily Hath PhD.

Good day passengers, welcome aboard!  I am so excited to introduce you to my new friend and recurring guest here on Therapy Thursday, Dr. Emily Hath PhD.  I sat down with Dr. Hath recently to discuss a very sensitive topic, “How

This week on the LifeTrain: “Relationships…”

Welcome back for another week, and another ride passengers.  This week we take a look at relationships.  But first, kick off the mood setter (music vid). While I am in no way a relationship expert, I’m an experienced “Relater” at

Friendship Week On the Train (Cont.) – See a need, meet a need…

Good day passengers, welcome back aboard!  Continuing on with this week’s topic, Friendship.  As per protocol, kick the mood music off and read on! When you find someone with a need and fill it, you’ve become a valuable friend. You

Friendship week on the train!

To be a friend you have to be a friend…To have friends, one must know how to be a…Friend.  That’s the theme this week here on the LifeTrain, “FRIENDSHIP”. But first, where’s my manners.  MERRY MONDAY!!!  That’s how we do

This week it’s all about the music…

And the question for my fellow passengers this week is how much music will you make this week with me? Kick off the music selection and read on. This is a great story that reminds me of the importance of