June 13, 2012

I write therefore I am…Therefore I was…

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Hey Passengers, Welcome aboard for another trip on the Train,  The LifeTrain.  Stay on board as long as you like.   Kick off the mood music selected for today’s post and leave a comment if you like afterwards.

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I received a message today from  a lady who stumbled upon my site.  She sent me a very good question of sorts.  It read:

Ok, what do you do? I mean you have some serious stuff like suicide on there (the LifeTrain) but then you have something like……..He who hath itchy booty…..will soon have sticky finger………which is hilarious.

I replied (in appreciation for her having actually perused my stuff). “I write therefore I am…Therefore I was…”

I write because everyone wants to talk but, no one wants to listen.  Want to have some fun?  Watch people converse.  Almost 90% of conversations I observe are struggles over who gets to hold the microphone the longest.  And (LOL!!!) almost no one hears the other.  Well, except those who really understand the power of listening.

We all need to be heard, we all need to purge thoughts and feelings.  I suggest you consider blogging…you get to do all the talking.

I write (almost) each day about what I am feeling inside or what someone else close to me is felling inside.

I am like you, I am somebody…no more or less special than you but, I am somebody.  Therefore I am, and someday, long after I pass away I want someone to say…He was.  And if nothing else I hope they say he was a writer.

Writers are:

Writers are class clowns (on the inside).
Writers are daydreamers.
Writers are illogical and stubborn.
Writers see things differently.
Writers sometimes feel like frauds, no matter how many people buy and read their work.
The best writers may never be published.  May never let anyone read their thoughts. May never even write them down.
Writers are artists.
Writers are therapists.
Writers write love.
Writers are frustrated.
Writers are liberated.
Writers feel…

Writers write. Simple.

I write therefore I am…Therefore I was…

Thank you for riding with me today…

All Aboard!  The LifeTrain!

June 12, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip – “Yes, Bad things do happen”.

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Good day passengers.  Glad you decided to hop aboard this morning.  I wrote today’s post while looking in the mirror and pointing at myself.  We (me, Myself and I) had a good laugh as “we” realized…these post serve as personal therapy sometimes.  Hope you get something out of [today’s post] it as well.  Kick-off the mood music and enjoy the ride!

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Every one has their share of adversities. There is no one, absolutely no one, on this earth who can claim that his life has always been a bed of roses.  I am always fascinated when i hear people say, “I have no drama in my life and I don’t want a new partner in my life who does.  I almost always want to say, Sister girl or Brother man, keep breathing, keep living.  Drama “WILL” come and it will go…and come again.  Yes, there are people who are said to be born with a silver spoon. Children of royal families, siblings of celebrities or parents of billionaires are thought to be born lucky. But trust me or ask them and you will know that they also have times of difficulty. You have money, power and everything that everyone wishes for but a heart break, losing out on the top slot, falling prey to a terminal illness or experiencing loss of a loved one – these are those hardships that are almost beyond control. And they can be devastating.

But there are ways we can re-surge from asperities and can chalk out own opaline destiny. Keeping the following things in mind helps a person in overcoming the hurdles and standing up again.

  • Acknowledge that things are not right at the moment – the best way to deal with a problem is to face it. By facing I mean, acknowledging. Tell yourself that things are not going right and that you are in trouble. There is no use keeping yourself in illusions.  Facing the truth helps in understanding the situation and thus we can focus on our next step.

By acknowledging the current situation, we are in a way introspecting.  Do a reality check and find out the root causes of the present condition.  If you think you made a mistake somewhere, admit it.  Confess to yourself the deepest truths.  And if you think you are in downfall because of your own acts, admit it and accept it.  No excuses, no blames.  Let’s take it upon ourselves and recognize our habits or decisions that got us here. If we had no role to play in it, well and good. Accept it as it comes, as part of the game and get ready to play it again.

  • Find and focus on the solution – once we are done with admitting the rut, next comes finding the way out. Since we are now fully aware of the problem and the causes, it is much easier for us to find the best possible solution.  Learn from our past mistakes and make sure we don’t repeat the mistakes. Sometimes, things just happen. In that case also, find out the best way to get over it. Once you find out what would work best for you, focus on it.
  • Pull yourself up – standing up again requires a lot of courage and strength. But this is the ultimate test of endurance. Whatever the calamity may be, we need to gather the courage and get up. Look at the future and ask yourself, ‘do I want to be here for the rest of my life?’  If the answer is no, you know what you need to do next.
  • Avoid the excuse of ‘I am done with it and I don’t want to do it again’ – many people take the shelter of this excuse (including me) to escape from their life. You hurt your knee once while running doesn’t mean you give up running.  Similarly, your heart was broken once certainly does not mean you stop looking for love or you do not allow anyone to fall in love with you. Of course, once burnt, a lesson learned.  Learn the lesson, avoid the pitfalls and go on. Sometimes we are frightened to an extent that we seriously do not want to pursue it anymore.  If this happens to us, its okay.  Let’s put our heart into something else and pursue it. We must always have something to get us up. Lying there thinking ‘I am okay with doing nothing’ will only help us in perishing faster.
  • Just do it – this Nike’s tagline is the shortest and yet most motivating line. If you have decided to do it, just do it. Catch hold of that rope of hope that your dreams and will power have built, and simply come out of the shell. Rise up. Look at the dawn. And there will be a day when you would not even remember that you actually fell down there!

We must take lessons from legends like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Edison, Mahatma Gandhi and many others. There are countless such examples where people have re surged after losing out completely re-affirming the fact that it is not only the Phoenix that rises from ashes. All we need is a heart beat. If your heart is still beating, you are alive. And this means you can do it!

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All Aboard!  The LifeTrain!

June 5, 2012

Using “MPIGP!” to overcome tough times…

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Good day fellow passengers.  Welcome back aboard the LifeTrain.  Today’s tip;  Using “MPIGP!” to overcome tough times.  And I bet you are asking, what is “MPICP?”  Glad you asked!  it stand for Mindset, People, Inspiration, Goals, Persistence.

Kick off today’s mood music and allow me to explain.

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We all have felt a lack of motivation when times are rough. It is easy to give up, drown in self-pity or insecurity, which ultimately leads to our giving up or simply not performing in the best way possible.

I have certainly been there and I am sure most of you have too. However, it is in those moments that we can show our real strength and our determination for success. Those moments distinguish the winners from those who will never make it big.  What is it then that we can do to stay motivated when everything seems to be turning against us?  I suggest “MPIGP!”.

  • Mindset
    Mindset is everything. I am not the first one to tell you this and I won’t be the last, but the transformation I have experienced in the last months by simply changing my mindset is incredible.If you stop acting from a mindset of fear and start having trust in the world and in yourself, your entire outlook on life will change. You will feel happier, more balanced, more confident and stronger, which will weave itself into your work and your performance. By believing you will make it and by knowing that there is room for your success in this world no matter the economy or the circumstances, you will deliver your A game and you will be able to push through those moments of doubt and fear
  • People
    The people we surround ourselves with are crucial.  Are they tearing us down? Are they trying to keep us small? Are they affecting our mood in negative ways?  Are they limiting our thinking?No matter how strong you are, no matter our confidence, when we spend too much time with people who have a limited mindset, it will affect us personally and ultimately hinder our performance.However, if we seek people who share our vision or who have already achieved success far beyond what our situation is right now, we will automatically dream bigger and achieve more. These people will push you to new heights of performance and they will be there to celebrate your successes with us or keep us motivated when things are looking anything but rosy.The more confident and successful people we surround ourselves with, the better our chances for major success.
  • Inspiration
    Another huge factor in uplifting ourselves is getting inspiration from all kinds of sources. Read books, attend classes, listen to podcasts, find a mastermind group or go to conferences. Inspiration is all around.  We just have to find it. No matter the graveness of your situation, no matter your frustration, you can always find someone who has been where you are, but didn’t give up and ended up immensely successful.  By feeding your brain this positive and encouraging information, our thoughts will transform themselves and act as a catalyst for reinforcing us that we can always turn ourselves around. At the same time, we can learn from these people and find new ways of thinking and approaching whatever it is you’re doing.
  •  Goals
    When I started my recovery from a very major illness, I had many days and weeks of depression, anxiety and complete loss of identity.  But I had a goal in mind: I wanted to live. So I pushed through. I fought against the urge to give up.   I knew my goal (to live) and I went after it, no matter the measures of discomfort I experienced.  The same is true for wanting to create a successful business and life. We need to have a clear, tangible goal and action plans we can implement. The more precise the goals the better. The more detailed the action plans the more beneficial. I know it is tedious. I know most people would rather spend their time in different ways. But when you don’t know in which direction you want to go, you cannot expect to stay motivated in rough times.Knowing exactly what you want to achieve will help you along the way and this is the safest way to always stay on track, remain motivated and keep working hard.
  •  Persistence
    Sometimes you simply have to keep pushing through. Yes, bad times suck and they can wear you down, but if you really want to achieve something, you have to persist. By implementing my suggestions, you should believe by now that change is possible, so staying on track should not be too hard.  However, if you still feel like giving up, simply don’t.  Just keep going. Take one step at a time, but never lose sight of your big goal.

Don’t be fooled. We all have setbacks. We all have times when nothing seems to work and we seem to tread water.  Having the right, positive mindset, surrounding yourself with encouraging people, keeping yourself inspired and always knowing your goals will keep you on the right road to major success.

Won’t you join me in this thing called life?

Never give up!

All Aboard!  The LifeTrain