Month: June 2012

I write therefore I am…Therefore I was…

Hey Passengers, Welcome aboard for another trip on the Train,  The LifeTrain.  Stay on board as long as you like.   Kick off the mood music selected for today’s post and leave a comment if you like afterwards. I received a message

Tuesday’s Tip – “Yes, Bad things do happen”.

Good day passengers.  Glad you decided to hop aboard this morning.  I wrote today’s post while looking in the mirror and pointing at myself.  We (me, Myself and I) had a good laugh as “we” realized…these post serve as personal

Using “MPIGP!” to overcome tough times…

Good day fellow passengers.  Welcome back aboard the LifeTrain.  Today’s tip;  Using “MPIGP!” to overcome tough times.  And I bet you are asking, what is “MPICP?”  Glad you asked!  it stand for Mindset, People, Inspiration, Goals, Persistence. Kick off today’s