Month: May 2012

Merry Monday! This week remember every day is a special occasion…

Good day passengers and Merry Monday.  So glad you jumped aboard.   Kick off the post’s mood music and allow me to share a very special story with you.  If you’ve already seen it, please consider sharing the site today with

Tuesday Tips! The great mind of “CHUCK-KRA!!”

Welcome back aboard the Train!  It’s Tuesday so you know we have to look at some tips! History notes that there have been a great many philosophers.  At the end of this post we can look at a list of

Remembering the time…When he would not let me sleep…

Ok…so I get like this from time to time…thoughts…original thoughts and memories.  Then I start banging on this here keyboard.  I post…then I come back later and think…why did I write this?  Why did I share this?  I wish you

Therapy Thursday! This week with Dr. Dee

Today’s post is re-posted in memory of one my favorite NFL players, Junior Seau, and in hopes that those contemplating suicide or encountering anyone with suicidal thoughts will find inspiration from this article to seek help.  Now, while I never

Tuesday’s Tips…

All Aboard and “WELCOME!”.  Regular passengers know that each Tuesday we look at tips that hopefully will add some value to your daily life.  So, with no further a due your humble conductor would like to share the following. SMILE!!!