Month: January 2012

All Aboard for “Therapy Thursday”

Welcome aboard fellow passengers and welcome to another “Therapy Thursday” session.  Today’s offering could be summarized as a combo Therapy and psychological offering.  So without further a due let’s wonder on back to the movie car and check out the

Merry Monday…Living the “BOOMER Life” (Part 1 of 4)

Hey fellow passengers, “Merry Monday!”.  As we start the week I’d like to share some thoughts with you about this complex thing called life.  Sometimes I think life would be alot ez’er if we found ways to stay mellow…so…I selected this song to

Tuesday’s Tech Tip: How’s about a double quarter pounder with Casu marzu…or

Or a pizza with pepperoni and extra Casu Marzu! Casu Marzu Casu marzu is a cheese considered a regional delicacy in Sardinia. Its name translates as “rotten cheese,” and with good reason — it’s the end product of leaving an

Tuesday’s Tips (Today’s line-up)

All Aboard!  All aboard for Tuesday’s Tips here on the LifeTrain. KICK IT!  The music and read about what tips you will find today as you scroll down for a total of (4)four tip posts for 1-07-2013. Station Stop: “TECHNOLOGY”