Month: November 2011

Tuesday’s Train Tech-Tip: Don’t pay…Without this tool!

Next stop, the technology station stop, for “TECH TUESDAY” on the LifeTrain.  Now, the tracks were in fact switched this Tuesday from the previous scheduled stop (as previously reported on Facebook.  That article is still being edited and will be

Merry Monday…

If your plane crashed in the water, and everybody died…would you drown on purpose or try to survive?  …C. Prince Daniel This week, on the train:  Never give up!  …Never give up. Merry Monday fellow passengers, I hope you all

A conversation with a concerned military mother…A request from my dear friend — Tweet…

Dear Passengers, NOTE:  PLEASE CLICK  “COMMENT”  (here or below) AND LEAVE BRANDON & FAMILY SOME HOLIDAY CHEER – THANX!!! Please allow me to send out the highest of appeals to you on this holiday season for some assistance.  Please read

Happy Birthday LifeTrain…Riding since 2006!

Happy 5 year anniversary to the LifeTrain!  Here’s to many more years of riding together.  I am working on my Thanksgiving story.  check back often!   All Aboard…The LifeTrain!!!

Merry Monday! Check this out and may your life…

Never be the same again… Monday…Again. If you are finding it hard to get going, if you have things that are pressing…seemingly urgent in nature, perhaps even insurmountable, I beg…yes beg you to check out the below. This week, all

Happy Birthday 2 The LifeTrain!!!

Hey Passengers, The LifeTrain has been in service for 5 years as of this this month!    The Train was birthed to do just a little bit of good serving mankind while I (your conductor) am still here on Earth.

Tech Tuesday From Chock (Not Spock!)

As you may or may not know I am a Vulcan devoid of emotions and a HUGE Star Trek fan! So today’s Tech tip is right down my alley! Oh…Oh yeah passengers, on Tuesdays I am heretofore known as “Chock!”

Merry Monday…this week “GROWTH!”

Hey passengers, welcome back aboard.  I hope you had a great weekend.  I also hope you thanked a veteran…it’s not to late.   Anyway, as we say each and every Monday morning here on the train, “MERRY MONDAY!”.  Try kicking off

Sunday Service on the Train: What will we now do with this last day?

Welcome aboard Fellow Passengers.  Just in case you were not able to attend service today or just need a little more word …or reminder of the good news.  Hop aboard today for not a sermon…just a thought! On the evening

The LifeTrain is best viewed using…

Here’s some keys to riding the (Life)Train.  The train is best viewed using: FIREFOX, GOOGLE CHROME      or the latest version of IE            AND!!!  At the bottom of each page you can view previous