Month: July 2011

This week – Patience and Wisdom (Part III)

Welcome back aboard passengers.  As I close out this week’s topic (Station Stop: Patience and Wisdom), I’m having one final mirror moment for the week.  I say that because sometimes mirror moments turn into, “Beat yourself up to much” moments. 

Patience and wisdom… (Part II: The Impatient mindset)

Well passengers as previously communicated, we continue on this week’s subject, Patience and Wisdom.  Today we look at “MY” tendancy to have an impatient mindset.  BUT!  I’m getting better after having research and made my following conclusions.  Hope they help

Merry Monday! This week remember…

Hey passengers, welcome back aboard The Train.  Listen, this week remember, two of the greatest qualities in life are: Patience and Wisdom. The dog in this picture definitely has both!   So often patience and wisdom seem to go hand in

Looking in the mirror this morning and talking to myself…

Me: Chuckie… Me: Huh? Me: A wise sea captain caught in a tropical storm knows that if he holds his vessel on the periphery it will get hurled from one side to the other. If he can reach the eye