Month: July 2010

Merry Monday! This week remember…life is like

Hey Passengers, Merry Monday!  As you go through this week, appreciate someone, love someone because not only is life like a box of chocolates but, it’s also like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the

The Doctor Is In! Dr. Diedra Hayman, Ph.D.

Well passengers once again the good Doctor, Dr.Diedra Hayman, Ph.D. is back with us here on the LiFeTrain. Dr. Hayman’s goal is to provide a relevant and user-friendly venue for discovering ways to move forward with your life. on her

Therapy Thursdays – This week w/Dr. Bill

Good day passengers and welcome aboard the train.  It’s Thursday so time for a little therapy.  This week we sit with Doctor Bill Bailey PhD., and discuss a little known but rapidly spreading infection, Candida.  I wanted to touch on