March 30, 2010

Another Doctor Hops The Train! Dr. Bill Bailey PhD.

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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise as Gomer Pyle use to say.  Your faith conductor is always trying to keep it real, Keep it fresh and most importantly keep it relevant!  So, in that vain we are going to explore the world of Naturopathy and the benefits thereof with my good friend, Brother and mentor, Dr. Bill Bailey PhD.!  But first, let me introduce my brother to you.

Dr. Bill Bailey is a Certified Natural Health Professional, and holds a doctorate in Natural Health in the field of Naturopathy.  He also has a Ph.D. in Theology, and is a Certified Traditional Naturopath, certified by the American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB.) He is also a Master Herbalist, and a Professional Member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, and of the Coalition for Natural Health.  He is one of the founders, and currently serves as the Webmaster, of the North Carolina Chapter of the Certified Natural Health Professionals.   He also serves as Webmaster for the North Carolina Citizens for Healthcare Freedom.  I could go on and on about the Doc (and I will) but, for now let’s delve into the subject at hand, Naturopathy.

I like to think of Naturopathy as God’s provision untapped, but Let’s sit down with the good Doctor and let him do some splainin…

Chuckie: I suppose the best place to start is to ask; what is “Naturopathy?”
Dr. Bill: Well, Stewart Mitchell, in his book, Naturopathy: Understanding the Healing Power of Nature, said, “Naturopathy is a philosophy which encompasses a view of life, a model for living a full life. The word naturopathy is a Latin-Greek hybrid which can be defined as ‘being close to or benefiting from nature.’”

A traditional naturopath specializes in wellness. That is to say, teaching people, referred to as “clients,” how applying natural lifestyle approaches can act to facilitate the body’s own natural healing and health building potential. The traditional naturopath does not undertake to “diagnose” or “treat diseases,” but rather recognizes that the majority of sub-health conditions are cumulative lifestyle effects, and that the underlying cause of what we call “disease” (or, “dis-ease”) is improper diet, unhealthy habits, and environmental factors which cause biological imbalances leading to a weakening of the bodies’ natural defenses and subsequent breakdown in health. The practice of Traditional Naturopathy is not considered the practice of medicine and is currently legal in all 50 states.

From a legal perspective, the practice of Traditional Naturopathy is recognized as a common occupation at the Federal level (U.S. Congress 1928, 1929, 1930 and 30 Federal Court rulings between 1958 and 1978) and as such, it is a profession protected under the 14th and 9th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Several states have also made this stipulation either by statute or in the Courts.

All disease (dis-ease) is a “lack of ease” or lack of homeostasis in the body. “Homeostasis” is the ability, or tendency, of an organism, or cell, to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes. What Allopathic (medical) doctors call diseases are only symptoms of a greater underlying problem. Disease is nothing more than a manifestation of our bodies trying to correct imbalances. These Imbalances are due to faulty nutritional patterns, improper rest, stress management and other lifestyle considerations which over time can result in a weakening of the body. By the time disease appears on the scene it is very late in the game!

Our body tells us early on when there is a problem and we can either respond to these “messages” or try to suppress the symptoms the body uses to tell us there is a problem. You can take Tylenol, or other drugs, to suppress the symptoms and they will help for a while but, unless the underlying problem is corrected, eventually the symptoms will no longer be suppressed by these drugs and one will need to take stronger and stronger drugs to quiet the body’s message.

Eventually, if the underlying problem has not been addressed, the body will begin to break down structurally. It is at this time modern medicine is finally capable of diagnosing something is really wrong and offer interventions to fix the structure, but still medical doctors fail to address the underlying problem.
Naturopathy concentrates on identifying destructive aspects of the lifestyle in the early phases, when lifestyle changes can occur to bring long-term benefit. Before symptoms manifest and long before a diagnosis can be rendered, these destructive aspects of our lifestyle can be identified and corrected. Once corrected, the body automatically begins to correct itself. Diagnosing disease and illness is totally unnecessary to correcting the underlying problems which result in disease and illness.

A true healer does not waste his time concentrating on naming diseases but rather on identifying those underlying factors, which if not addressed, will eventually result in the manifestation of disease and illness. These factors can be identified and corrected long before it is even possible to make any diagnosis. Even after a diagnosis is made, the same concepts of healing used by Traditional Naturopaths are equally effective; because once balance is restored, the body automatically heals itself!

Chuckie: Wow! That’s a lot to take in! Do what we think of as “regular” medicine and Naturopathy co-exist well?
Dr. Bill: Well, if you are in an accident, or break your arm, you should immediately go to an Allopathic doctor, a “regular MD,” and get the emergency care that you need! A Naturopath should be thought of as a “lifestyle consultant” that can help you see how to gradually make an improvement in your overall health. Many MDs and Naturopaths work together, in concert, in holistic clinics and “alternative practices.” Though, from my perspective, Naturopaths are more the “historical” healers of old, and Allopathic practices are the more recent, and therefore, “alternative” practice! But, Allopathic disciplines are what most people today think of as “medicine.”

Chuckie: Can you give us an example of a Naturopathic approach to relieving a condition in conjunction with an MD?
Dr. Bill: I have many personal examples of cooperative work with the medical profession. My own son was diagnosed with severe plantar warts that the podiatrist said would require either “freezing” of the tissue (which we were told would be very painful,) to minor surgery to “cut out” the warts! As our son was only nine years old at the time (he is now 17,) I did not relish the thought of subjecting him to such treatment, and possible “coloring” his view of the medical arts! So, in the two weeks intervening between doctor’s appointments, we used a simple, non-invasive orthomolecular treatment that I had learned during my Naturopathic training… my wife and I applied simple (non-prescription) Vitamin A in 10,000 I.U. capsules directly to the warts as a topical rub. We did this by breaking open two 10,000 I.U. gelatin capsules and rubbing the contents on the warts. At the end of the two weeks, when we took him to the doctor, the warts were gone! No pain… no surgery, or “freezing” treatments were required! The doctor was pleased, we were pleased, and my son was relieved that no further treatment was required as well (as you can imagine!) This is but a simple example of the benefits of Naturopathic knowledge combined with the medical profession in a synergistic fashion!

Chuckie: That sounds great! I think we have time for one more example of a natural approach to helping a condition; do you have one you can share?
Dr. Bill: Sure, however, keep in mind that you should ALWAYS consult your own healthcare professional before you do anything! OK? That said; I will share a personal story. I monitor my blood pressure, because like many folks, stress, and excess weight can bring on higher than normal blood pressure. Mine was borderline normal, but my MD was saying that we did needed to monitor it. So, I started taking an Ayurvedic herb called, Coleus Forskohlii. Now, it is important to point out that I am not on ANY pharmaceutical drugs! Coleus Forskohlii is very effective at lowering blood pressure, so it would NOT be appropriate to take it while on a blood pressure reducing drug! Anyway, my blood pressure came down to textbook normal levels, with NO side effects, or adverse interactions. To me, this is a great example of using an herb, which is basically just a food, to address an issue in the body.

Chuckie: Excellent! Thanks, Dr. Bill!  Will we see you aboard the train on the regular?
Dr. Bill:  Surely, Brother Chuckie.  Oh and tell your riders they can reach me about this subject and my other endeavros at

Well passengers, anohter LiFeTrain production in the can.


Our God is awesome God, remain open to all he has provided for us..C. Prince Daniel

“The Conductor”


Tech Tuesday!

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Welcome Aboard, and get ready for the LiFeTrain’s weekly Tech Tuesday where we bring you the latest in Technology!  This week we have a training film for you that will be sure to kick your Tech knowledge up…ANOTUHTHA NOTCH!

March 29, 2010

Merry Monday! “The Good News!”

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Hey passengers welcome back aboard for another week on the train.  Merry Monday!  Guess what we have to be Merry about this fine Monday?  Sunday…Yes Sunday, is on the way!  APR-04-2010  🙂

March 26, 2010

“Bad Boys 5” starring “Chuckie” and Martin Lawrence

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The Boys movies feature Chuckie  and Lawrence as Miami detectives Chuckie Love (who replaces Smith’s “Mike Lowrey”) and “Marcus Burnett,”.  As usual the two are caught up in cases involving car chases and explosions. The first Boys, released in 1995, helped launch Bay as a director and Smith as an action star even though it was not a fire-stamped blockbuster.  Directors discovered a bright and budding star while reviewing blogs online in the person of LiFeTrain Conductor “Chuckie”.  He’s a natural says Italian film director Gino Sa-scratcha-gotchie.

Critics worry that the on-screen love scenes between Chuckie Love and Halle Berry will distract from the films plot line because they were so hot and realistic.  There are reports that the director sometimes had to literally yell cut in excess of 5 times to stop scenes.  When reached for comment Berry confided, yes there was definitely chemistry.  I mean he may be old and all, but that man’s lips, TO DIE FOR!  But, we are professionals and the fact that his ex wife, singer SADE kept showing up on the set really help me to keep things in perspective.  I thought I was gonna have to pimp slap her a couple of times the way she was cutting those eyes at me.  And then here comes Jill Scott talking something about him being “her” man!  And of course you Know Oprah was all up in the mix, lavishing him with gifts and cash!

When reached for comment Chuckie just grinned that stupid grin and said something about bringing old fat guys with no money back in style.  “I’m bringing sexy back baby” laughed Chuckie.  “Better get you one soon, we’re going fast!”.

Film critics say Chuckie is an odds on favorite for an Oscar.   Denzel says he is now ready to pass the mantle.  Michael Jordan says, “Chuckie will be a one brand name like the “Jordan” brand.  Folks will just call him…well, “Chuckie!”.

Coming Summer of 2010,

Bad Boys 5!

“Starring Chuckie Love!”

Chuckie’s Song O the day…

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March 25, 2010

Therapy Thursdays with Dr. Dee PhD.

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Chuckie: Doc!  What’s cookin my fine Frain?
Dr. Dee: All is well, good to see you Chuckie.

Chuckie: Dr.Dee because of my perception of the vastness of this topic let’s start a Multi-part series on addiction and addictive behavior.
Dr.Dee: Ok we can do that, however, addictions is a special area, requiring special training. I am not an addictions therapist, but I can certainly offer some basic information.

Chuckie: I’ve heard that many times addictions are present due to ones desire to escape reality, do you agree?  If so what is (or is there) the connection between addiction and the compulsive desire to alter, avoid, deny and escape reality.
Dr.Dee: Wow. There are so many theories about why people become addicted. And many of them depend on the model one happens to subscribe to. The medical model understands addiction as a physical disease. In that case, the reason for the addiction would be some genetic or biological predisposition to that particular addiction, coupled with exposure to the addicting substance. The medical model also views true addiction as referring only to chemical substances to which you can develop tolerance and for which she would have withdrawal symptoms if the substance were discontinued. Others believe that addiction is a moral issue and that the cause is lack of strength of character. There are those who also believed that addiction is a result of emotional causes, and in that case, escaping or denying reality could certainly be part of the reason someone may choose to begin a habit that leads to addiction. Unfortunately, there are some substances that once he began using them, take on a life of their own with respect to addiction. For instance, crack cocaine, can result in true addiction in a very short period of time (days or weeks) whereas something like alcohol may take several months to years to develop into a full-fledged addiction.

Chuckie: Not sure if you’ve seen some of the latest reality shows (like Intervention and Celebrity Rehab with “Dr. Drew” Pinsky) dealing with addictions and intervention.   But, if you have do you feel that these recent television reality shows about addiction shine a light on the secretive debilitating  and very destructive mental disorders: Substance Abuse and Substance Dependence?

For those who haven’t seen or heard of these shows, Intervention dramatically depicts what happens to addicts prior to entering

treatment and demonstrates what it takes to get them there. Denial and other chronic behaviors designed to avoid or escape reality are starkly revealed in the addicts predictable and powerful resistance to entering treatment. Celebrity Rehab  documents the goings on in an in-patient addiction treatment program catering to so-called celebrities, including the  likes of Mackenzie Philips (daughter of musician John Philips), basketball star Dennis Rodman,  former Guns ‘n Roses drummer Steven Adler, actor Tom Sizemore, and other lesser known or infamous individuals  like ex-madam Heidi Fleiss, Rodney King, former teen beauty queen Kari Ann Peniche, and porno performer Mary Carey.  The program is supervised by television personality and now celebrity physician “Dr. Drew” Pinsky, M.D., a board certified  internist specializing in “addiction medicine”: a medical specialty tending (not unlike AA) to conceptualize and treat  addictive behavior as a “disease.” Dr. Pinsky is a physician, but, to my knowledge, not a psychiatrist, psychologist or  trained psychotherapist. And it shows. Still, Dr. Pinsky’s heart is clearly in the right place.
No, I have not seen this program. But the fact of the matter is more people have to deal with addictions either personally or because of a loved one, then might be believed. There is still tends to be a stigma around getting treatment, however, more and more addicts are entering treatment than ever before, probably because of the immediate attention. Treatment does not always require inpatient rehabilitation. Treatment can also take place with the short hospital stay for detox and then an intensive outpatient program. Others find that group such as alcoholics anonymous are extremely helpful in overcoming addictions of various types. The various treatment programs, bowel, because of the different understandings of the causes. Those who see addiction as a medical disease 10 she treated as a medical condition requiring hospitalization or inpatient treatment. Those are considered a social issue or an emotional issue tend to treat it in ways that address the social implications and results such as you would find in Alcoholics Anonymous, which concentrates a lot on the impact of the addiction on relationships, both with God, and with other people.

Chuckie: It’s been my observation that “Dr. Drew” and his staff make excuses for the residents’ bad behavior, blaming it on withdrawal, medication or, more generally, their “disease.” Now, we both know I am not a profession but it seems to me that this allows a serious mistake. To me it tends to permissively collude and allow that a patient’s chronic denial of reality and responsibility. For the avoidance of personal responsibility, a fundamental part of accepting reality and adulthood, is habitually avoided by addicts. And this bad habit must be broken if recovery and sobriety is to succeed, so I have read.  Am I trivializing this?
Dr.Dee: Again treatment methods really depend upon how one conceptualizes an addiction. If one conceptualizes addiction as a medical issue, then it follows that a person is no more responsible for their behavior than a cancer patient is, for the amount of pain he or she experiences. On the other hand, if addiction is a spiritual condition, then one would tend to look to the influence of satanic forces and one’s relationship or lack thereof with God. On the right foot, if one conceptualizes addiction as a problem of maturity versus immaturity, then, the treatment would involve bringing a person to recognize what responsible behavior is, and teaching, and to make more responsible decisions. Treatment always flows from one’s concept of the nature of the problem. And I want to point out that different conceptualizations can be effective for different people. For some people, a medical model approach can be very effective. For others, addressing it as a spiritual manner is more effective. Period and for still others, addressing addiction as a relationship issue is especially affected.

Chuckie: As I mentioned before since this is such a vast topic, I will chop our sessions down into bite-able weekly chunks for our passengers. So, last question for today, What is your experience in dealing with Addiction and addictive behavior?  Can directions be channeled to you on this topic via Apples of gold website?
Dr.Dee: as I mentioned earlier, I’m not an addictions therapist. Generally, I assess addictions, and then I refer the client for more specialized treatment. Addictions is not an issue that is really effectively treated in an online setting.

Chuckie: For real this time, last question, how come you never provide milk and cookies for our sessions?  And a post session sucker?
Dr.Dee: milk and cookies? A post session sucker? Next you’ll be asking me for little stickers! Chuckie, therapy is its own reward!  Boy Bye!

Well Passengers, I messed up again, kicked out the good doc’s office.  Well, I’m sure she’ll have me back next week.  Feel free to contact the doc if you have anything you’d like to discuss, or hit me up with a topic and I’ll get it on the agenda.  The Doctor (Dr. Diedra Hayman, PhD.) can be reached via her website:

Roll credits…

Proverbs 25:11 says that a word, skillfully spoken, is “like apples of gold in settings of silver”.  I hope that you will find skillfully spoken words of encouragement on her site.  You can email most if “ANY” questions you may have concerning topics that you would like to have (free) professional feedback on.  You will find her contact information on the site.

I feel that I am led, by God, the father of our Lord and Savior to help out my fellow man in whatever way I can.  Now, I will probably not find the cure for cancer, or find the solutions to emotional or mental illness, but I can pass along credible resources.

To him (Yahweh Elohim) be “ALL” the credit and glory if this information is in any way helpful.



March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday C2…

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Yo Gram-mommy…Me and my Great Uncle Charles wanna wish you a very happy Birthday!  Holla at cho Grand-boy!

Oh…gram ma ma…He told me to tell you that you really weren’t adopted…hate to drop that on you on your big day…


March 23, 2010

Tuesday’s Tech Tip!

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Hey passengers, if you ever have a need to share a large file remember your old conductor shared this one with you.

It’s easy to share photos, documents and other files with anyone online. But, if you want to keep your files private, things become more difficult.

Well, today, I have a simple solution. How would you like a private site where you could upload files? And what if you could access it virtually anywhere?

You can do all of this with To get started, you need only create a drop, or personal area. You name your Web page and upload your first file. Enter a password, if you want. There’s no registration!

After you create your drop, you’ll get several things. You’ll get the address for your drop. You can share it with anyone you choose.

You’ll also get an e-mail address and voicemail number. Send files to your drop. Or call it and leave a message. Your message will be converted to an MP3 file.

There are so many cool things you can do with ( ). Take some time to read its blog. It will give you some great ideas!

Check back next Tuesday on the LiFeTrain for Tuesday’s Tech Tip!  ALL ABOARD!  The LiFeTrain!

Chuckie’s Song “O” day…

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You might not last until the end but the beginning is pretty cool…Cut your speakers up real loud and try listening with your eyes  (for the first part if you have some pretty good speakers)…

Remember the orginal?

March 22, 2010

Merry Monday! Tidbits to start the week out right…

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Hey Passengers, Merry Monday!  This Monday is particularly good for me.  Why you say?  Well, I knew you would ask, so in-case you don’t know the Buckeyes are in the (NCAA) Sweet sixteen!  And who says we [Buckeyes] just dominate in Football?  …Hey, don’t hate…Congratulate!

I want to leave you with a few thoughts to take into your work week, so grab some Coffee, or in my case a Diet Coke and meditate on the following:

Managing Mondays can be pretty tough.  Long weekends and slow starts to a day can have an adverse impact on our entire workweek.  Monday can be our biggest ally or our most formidable foe.  How can we take advantage of this day?

Let’s start the week off thanking God for an opportunity to move one step closer to our destiny. Thinking about where we are going is a sure fire way to enliven our spirits.  After this, let’s make a list of the most important tasks of the week.  Put them on flash cards, hang them on the fridge or even put them on your computer.  This will give our week direction.  Next, plan our weekend today!  It is great to have something to look forward to all week.

Let’s make sure we handle at least one of those task on that to-do list.  We will end our Monday with a sense of accomplishment.

Mondays can be great days.  Make the most of your Monday and turn it into a fun-day.

CELEBRATE LIFE!  Finally, here’s a few tid-bits to reinforce the above:

  • Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry; God never blinks.  Things can go from bad to good in the blink of an eye…it’s just a matter of time.  And again, our father never blinks.
  • Our jobs won’t take care of us when you are sick.  Our friends and parents will. Stay in touch.  Talk about a mirror moment for me
  • This week, if  in doubt, when in doubt, just take the next small step.  Try not to get stuck in “analysis paralysis”.
  • Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear pink!
  • Believe in miracles.  I do, I’ve seen them and received them.  I am your conductor, I would not lie.

Anyway, remember…things can go from bad to good in the blink of an eye, …it’s just a matter of time.