Month: March 2010

Another Doctor Hops The Train! Dr. Bill Bailey PhD.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise as Gomer Pyle use to say.  Your faith conductor is always trying to keep it real, Keep it fresh and most importantly keep it relevant!  So, in that vain we are going to explore the world of

Tech Tuesday!

Welcome Aboard, and get ready for the LiFeTrain’s weekly Tech Tuesday where we bring you the latest in Technology!  This week we have a training film for you that will be sure to kick your Tech knowledge up…ANOTUHTHA NOTCH!

Merry Monday! “The Good News!”

Hey passengers welcome back aboard for another week on the train.  Merry Monday!  Guess what we have to be Merry about this fine Monday?  Sunday…Yes Sunday, is on the way!  APR-04-2010  🙂

“Bad Boys 5” starring “Chuckie” and Martin Lawrence

The Boys movies feature Chuckie  and Lawrence as Miami detectives Chuckie Love (who replaces Smith’s “Mike Lowrey”) and “Marcus Burnett,”.  As usual the two are caught up in cases involving car chases and explosions. The first Boys, released in 1995,

Chuckie’s Song O the day…

Therapy Thursdays with Dr. Dee PhD.

Chuckie: Doc!  What’s cookin my fine Frain? Dr. Dee: All is well, good to see you Chuckie. Chuckie: Dr.Dee because of my perception of the vastness of this topic let’s start a Multi-part series on addiction and addictive behavior. Dr.Dee:

Happy Birthday C2…

Yo Gram-mommy…Me and my Great Uncle Charles wanna wish you a very happy Birthday!  Holla at cho Grand-boy! Oh…gram ma ma…He told me to tell you that you really weren’t adopted…hate to drop that on you on your big day…

Tuesday’s Tech Tip!

Hey passengers, if you ever have a need to share a large file remember your old conductor shared this one with you. It’s easy to share photos, documents and other files with anyone online. But, if you want to keep

Chuckie’s Song “O” day…

You might not last until the end but the beginning is pretty cool…Cut your speakers up real loud and try listening with your eyes  (for the first part if you have some pretty good speakers)… Remember the orginal?

Merry Monday! Tidbits to start the week out right…

Hey Passengers, Merry Monday!  This Monday is particularly good for me.  Why you say?  Well, I knew you would ask, so in-case you don’t know the Buckeyes are in the (NCAA) Sweet sixteen!  And who says we [Buckeyes] just dominate