Month: January 2010

Merry Monday…May I borrow $5?

Hey Passengers, welcome back aboard.  Merry Monday!  TO get the week started I want to share something with you, that I hope you will share.  Have a great week, check back often and … A woman came home from work

Session 8: The Doctor Is N, Dr. Deidra Hayman Ph.d.

Well passengers, here we are again, another sit-down, fireside chat with the Doctor.  So, without further a due, Session 8:  A talk with the Doc on the subject of eating disorders, N-Joy! Chuckie: Doctor, Doctor, Doctorial-lista Seester!  How u r?

Tuesday’s Tech Tip…

Now here’s a very important Tech tip for Tuesday.  I hope you will pass it on! ONE.  Give  people more than they expect and do it  cheerfully. TWO.  Marry  a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get  older,

Therapy Thursday – Session 7 with Dr. Hayman

Session 7: “How to Handle a Terminal Illness Diagnosis both personally or of a loved one” Chuckie: My Doctor! My fine Frain of the mind exploration!  My lady with De (“DE” get it)  wisdom of Solomon!  You can tell me

LiFeTrain Question of The Week…A lightening rod

Single, sassy and powerful…the unmarried black woman One of the most interesting new phenomena in Black America is the emergence of Black women who are single, powerful and/or rich and in control of their lives and careers. The much-talked-about shortage

MerrY Monday! This week let’s LIGHTEN up a bit…Cause

Life is just 2 short… Hey passengers, let’s make this a Merry Monday and a positive week!  And join me in trying to remember more and more each day to lighten up and not take ourselves 2 seriously. Ever since

LiFeTrain “?” of the Week: Is it “The God In Me?”

Apparently there is a whole lot of buzz about Mary Mary’s “God In Me” video. So this week I pose to you the ridership the question “Has Mary Mary gone too far?” In case you haven’t seen it, the video

Merry Monday; Chuckie’s Challenge for 2010

Hey Passenger’s “Merry Monday!’.  To celebrate the first Monday of 2010 I thought I would issue my annual “Chuckie’s Challenge, 2010”.  This year the Challenge is simple.  I’ll just get right to it. The 2010 Challenge: 1).  This year see