Month: November 2009


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Merry MondaY!

Good Morning and as we say here on the Train, “MERRY MONDAY!”. Hey, I hope you had a great weekend! As we head into another Monday here’s a bit of good news to fight off the Monday Blues, There’s a

They Say’d it, I liked-ed it…

Here’s a few success quotes I stumbled upon recently: The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. -Eleanor Roosevelt There

One Path 2 Peace…Deal With That Ego!

Well passengers, if the following isn’t a mirror moment for me that I need constant reminder of. I write and read this laughing all the while. I’ve had some shall we say challenging moments where the following read is just

Merry Monday! This week “SHINE!!!”

Hey passengers, Merry Monday!  As we grab that brown bag (lunch) and bolt out the door, I am assuming you woke and hopped the train already…Am I really being presumptuous here or what!?!  Don’t hurt my little feelings (LOL). Anyway, remember this,

Just A Thought…EZer Said Than Done…

As we come to day two of our week, here’s a little something to wind down and chew on, but first a quote: In order to cooperate with life you must learn how to forgive, how to pray, how to

Merry Monday!

Hey fellow passengers, welcome back aboard and…MERRY Monday!  As we get this party [week] started I thought I would leave you with something to think about.  It’s actually something I use to keep me motivated to continue blogging. Blogging like

Chuckie’s Song O the Day…

I had a weird dream last night…think I can summarize it here with my song of the day…