Month: June 2009

Tuesday’s Tech Tip: They’re getting pretty Slick!

New Credit Card Scam! This one is pretty slick since they provide YOU with all the information, except the one piece they want. Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it…This information is worth

Merry Monday! “Your choice!”

Hey LifeTrain passengers! All Aboard for another “Merry Monday!”. You know the rule on this train, we look at the glass half full, NOT half empty, so spread that peanut butter, finish packing that lunch and hop aboard! Let’s make

The Week Of The Father – Part II

I am gonna be a little selfish today…Happy Father’s Day – 2 me. As I approach what I perceive as the time in one’s life where there are more years behind then in front.  I reflect on one of my

The Week Of The Father Part I…Dear wives, trust me on this one…

To the woman (man secrets revealed)… Music to set the mood/tone while reading this article I’ve said many times here on the train that as a man, I could never tell you what it is like to give birth.  I

See ya @ the North Pole!…

Just a thought, to follow someone else’s truth could sometimes be a trap.  As for me, I want to acknowledge that my best strategy is to know my own truth, face it and live by it.  It’s what I, your


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Part II (The Story) – She Said Yall Could Handle It!

Ok…as PROMISED – This is the LiFeTrain Debate BAIT…See story below…tell me what’cha think? My Gurl Shelly sent me something that put me on the floor, rolling in tears.  I thought I was gonna go number one in my depends!

Tuesday’s Tech Tip: Reed Moe…

Each Tuesday I try to give a “Tech Tip”.  For today’s technology tip I found a great new tech tool, “BOOKS!”  I think these new inventions will become a mega hit!  There’s a ton of them hitting the market.  And

Chuckie’s Song Of The Day…Gurl Listen Close…

Never stop! 2 FER 2uesday Ain’t it funny how some songs tell exact personal stories. wow, Glad I don’t have to wonder…what kind of man would I have been. …The Book..”The Profile”

Merry Monday…Choose Ye these daye…Yur Fellings

Merry Monday!  Hey Passengers, this week remember, You Choose Feelings! Let me explain.  If your days this week seem to fill with unwanted negative feelings, there is only one cure.   When they come, choose them.  Don’t ask why, don’t wonder