Month: May 2009

Dem Blues…

Depression…What an ugly word. As a man it’s not even something we can readily share or admit. It’s almost taboo. I have to laugh because I had a few occasions where some of my close male friends and I have

Drink Up!

Hey passengers, talk about having a bad day….Check this guy’s day out! A short guy is sitting at a bar just staring at his  drink for half an hour when this big trouble-making biker steps next to him,  grabs his



Merry Monday…

Hard to be Merry while remembering all those.  But, God Bless America.

Me and My Main Man Monty!

Me and my main man Monty (Tart) wanna wish everybody a very safe and happy Memorial day! New Zealand album download Menelik Je Me Souviens download

Chuckie's Song Of Tha Day! Let's….

Come on back to the Lounge Car and get cho Groove on!!! Bireli Lagrene Inferno download One moe time…Keep-pit going

@ Da Movies

A MUST C! (more later…write-up cometh) CLICK

We’ll Git R Three…

I am not a fair weather fan, I was there when Danny Ferry was a player, not the GM. I am a”Buckeye” Go Cavs!!!

Tuesday's Tech Tip…"PANDORA" & "SLACKER"

If you haven’t heard…try PANDORA Radio or SLACKER Radio. Pretty good online radio stations. AND FREE IS GOOD! (click Images below) The Secret Life of Bees movie

Merry Monday!!! Now Dats LUV!!!

Oh to find the love of one’s life.  Someone who loves you despite your imperfections.  Agape love love if you will.  Funny how marriages are now like pampers, disposable.  Anyway, WHAT THE!!!  This is Merry Monday!  Take a gander at