Month: March 2009

Support R Passengers…And 1 of my

“Mostest!” special friends…Tonya (Colvin). First let me set this up by introducing one of my life friends, Tonya Colvin.  Tonya and i met in Nursery school and we have been the “bestest” of friends ever since!  Second, I’d like to

Old Folks and Little People…

This a story about a person who was at Target buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for their loyal pet, Sheriff, the Wonder Dog: I was in the checkout line when woman behind me asked if I had

Positive over Negative = Contentment!

Hey passengers once again let me share what’s on my mind and thank you for the privilege to share with you today! The more positive the thoughts I find flowing through my mind, the more contented I will feel…really.    I

I Am Reminded…

Dear LiFeTrain Passengers, This is a love letter to all of you who hop the train daily.  Read on and you’ll understand. Admittedly, I will be “ALL” over the place with this piece.  However, if you walk away with nothing

Chock On Being Abandoned…

Passengers, Can you puh-leeze tell me why does it seem that When a relationship ends, ya gotta experience turmoil and loss?   And it’s funny but true that the one who is left feeling abandoned bears the brunt of the

Merry Monday! Word 4 2Day – Sharing!

What would Mondays be without “Merry Monday” Motivation? (OK, don’t answer that.) I hope you’ll play along and help us all get things done today too. All you have to do is let us know here on the Train what

And The Answer Is…Drum-roll please

Last week one of the LiFeTrain questions of the day was who’s house?  You can refer back to the article for the full skinny..and the passenger who actually got the answer, but missed the prize on a technicality (But, please

@ Da Movies…

Which just happens to be on TV so no fund$ will be required…”KINGS”. There is a new prime-time television program titled “Kings” that is essentially a modern-day telling (with variations) of the story of David and Saul. The story centers


When it’s all said and done…I would like to ultimately be remembered as a saâ‹…gaâ‹…cious type of a cool type of a fella, who loved “THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BUCKEYES!”.  …And should have been drafted as a first round draft

LiFeTrain ? Of The Day…Wanna Get Away?