January 9, 2009

I was just thinking…I need an

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If you can’t have the perfect mate how about an imaginary playmate…Check the words out….

TGIF – Get sum rest…eye am!

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Well passengers, we made it.  I plan to do some major league re-couping this bad_cold1weekend having struggled through the week with the mother of all colds.  As I look forward to quitting time I’d like to share something with you today….think about this as I have:

Our determination pulls success towards us, and our focus pushes obstacles away from us.

So having not focused on my cold but more on the NFL playoffs this weekend, I am proud to say:  LOOK OUT BED!!!  Hur I come.

Ps. Wonder why my co-workers avoided me so this week, I mean I bathed everyday!   Don’t you just hate it when folks come to work sick!?!

Never Say Never…Chuckie’s N Love!

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Remembering my beloved

a repost for those who missed her as I do…

Well, passengers…I guess it was inevitable…I’m in love…and I’m getting married! I said I would never do this again. Once you’ve been hurt…hey, you just kinda shutdown. And then the one comes along, the one who loves all the hurt away. I am just so elated, so happy, so well…just elated to have my sweet lover in my life!

Passengers, the big Tuna has been landed…I have found the love of my life!

To my Baby,

I know you said not to put you out there (on the net). I hope you will forgive me. I love you SO much and I just want the world to see my beautiful bride to be! Baby you are so lovely, you look so good I could just eat you up! If I could give you a nick name, right here, right now my love it would be simply “Delicious!”. I cannot wait until we are joined as one. I want the world to see the beauty in you as I do. View my beautiful Bride to be: CLICK