January 8, 2009

The LiFeTrain Mission…All Aboard!

Category: Thoughts — chuckie @ 5:39 am

cpdwtrIf nothing else…I wish you peace each day here on the train. May this site be a place a refuge; a brief reprieve. May God grant the arms of an Angel here in which you can find rest. Anytime you are having a particularly rough time may you hop the train, exhale…think of the Chuckster fondly in 2009 and ride …The LiFeTrain: CLICK

Periodically I will reiterate what the Mission of the LifeTrain is. Before I die I valueswant to make a contribution to mankind. This is my platform.

Since I am not particularly intelligent or wealthy …and I never had to opportunity to have Children ( to speak on behalf of their Daddy at his death) I decided that I would reveal some of who I was to the world.

I want to share things that I have learned and what I believe in. Thankfully, in doing so I have received communications from most of my fellow passenger that revealed that they too love, feel, hurt and relate to what appears on the train.

I want to continually strive to share simple truths as I/we journey down life’s track. I recycle the knowledge, thoughts and experiences of a vastly diverse group of people. I reference psychological, philosophical and spiritual ideologies and researches in order to help facilitate the LifeTrain ridership (readership) with knowledge, and tools and tactics to handle “CHANGE”. My prayer is that we consistently grow (together); for I strongly believe that financial stress is more due to the lack of diligent financial planning than it is about insufficient income; marital stress and regrettably, that “D” word, divorce, is more due to the lack of marital WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING and KNOWLEDGE than the statistical claim of incompatibility; lack of career advancement and business growth is more due to the fear of taking risks than the general claim of limited opportunities; and unruly children are results of parents raising their children without the wisdom, understanding and knowledge necessary to Raise AWESOME godly children in troubled times rather than succumbing today’s violent environment.

And finally during the course of the train’s daily journey to and from the station…Let’s have some fun…be a little silly…exchange thoughts and ideas and above all, as Jesus said…Love one another…