January 27, 2009

Quiet Time…A must

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Hey fellow LifeTrain passengers, have you ever thought that the reason we can’t get clear in our minds sometime is quietbecause we have so many things cluttering our minds and lives. We have so much mental chatter we can’t hear ourselves think. We have so much emotional baggage we can’t feel what’s good, what’s bad, what’s right or what’s wrong. We want so much, so fast, that we can’t get clear about what to do first. The first thing we have to do is get clear about the one thing we want. We must describe it, identify it, and see it in our possession. Don’t stop to worry about how, that will create more clutter. Just want it and see it the way you want it. Once you do that, eliminate everything that is not getting you to what you want. Eliminate it from thought, word and deed. Eliminate people if necessary. Stop doing things that will not get you what you want. When you are comfortable with the energy you have put into your first want, move on to the next one. The trick is to want one thing at a time. Focus on it. Concentrate on it and then let it go.

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January 22, 2009

2Day…Don’t worry…BEE Hapy!

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Hey LifeTrain passengers! relationships

Too often we expect happiness to come as a result of our relationships rather than as a premise upon which to build one. If we truly wanted to be happy, we would not be so eager to sacrifice happiness for nonsense—jealousy, possessiveness, anger, fear or any other function of the ego. Nonsense renders us downright miserable. Happiness requires that we be honest, trusting, trustworthy, respectful and mutually considerate. We cannot realize true happiness when we entertain nonsense in our hearts and minds. Individually and collectively, we must work to clear ourselves before entering a relationship. If we wait until we are in the process and wading through the nonsense, the ego will be well on the way to eroding the happiness we seek.

Today, I say ….Let’s exercise our duty to be happy! And today when someone says…Hey U, How ya doin? Look them in the eye, produce that great smile and say: “SUPER FANTASTIC!”

January 21, 2009

Coming soon…YIKES!!!

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January 20, 2009

We’ve Come Along Way…Congratulations America!

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January 19, 2009

I Have…

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I write and blog just to free my soul…

January 17, 2009

Yesterday…I found my inner child!

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They tricked me!  They said it was just gonna be a simple follow-up to a out patient thing I had recently.  I should have known when the nurses started giggling when I walked into the office, pointing at me and whispering.  Yesterday, it was just supposed to be a routine talk.

Yesterday I was violated!  Yesterday I found my inner child!  Yesterday was NOT a good day!

But today I have an appointment to see my Lawyer, cause yesterday they tricked me.  I can still hear me screaming “Doc, whats up with the glove!”  “I didn’t come here for that!”.  “You know I need a month, at least to mentally prepare for this!”.

Yesterday I was violated, Yesterday…I had to take…







Ok, jokes aside…you love your men…make sure they get…“The test”…ok




January 16, 2009

I Got A Question – 4 real…4 real

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What he said…



January 15, 2009

The Mac Man

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We lost a lot of good folks in 2008.  One such loss for me was my beloved grandmother, Mrs. Daniel.  Amongst those spirits that departed was also a favorite comedian of mine, Bernie Mac.  I don’t watch a lot of TV but I do catch the Mac Man (Bernie Mac Show) some nights as I drift off to sleep.  Check out what Ced and the other Kangs of Comedy  had to say about Mac.

The Universal Dance – Errie body doin…

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January 13, 2009

Wot Is Love…?

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love-11A good and sweet friend of mine asked me recently, “What is Love?’, and “have I ever been in love?”

I had to think long and hard.  here is my conclusion

Love for me has been a powerful force. It has taken me to great heights and left me feeling light and airy.  Yet at the same time  it has been the most abused and misused force in my life.  Many degraded things have passed by me for love.  But yet I know, true love is based on understanding, mutual trust and respect and not simply on transient emotions.  Love is being in balance, that is, in harmony with myself, God and each other.  Love dwells in the soul.  We must allow this love to flow out and around us.  Without love, all of life’s treasures are locked away from our vision and experiences, for indeed i now know ‘love is the key.’

So my friend if you should happen to hop the train and read this.  Sorry I could not answer you in the immediate, but a question like that actually caused me to think and go deep.

Love Chuckie…

All Aboard, The LiFeTrain!