Month: January 2009

Quiet Time…A must

Hey fellow LifeTrain passengers, have you ever thought that the reason we can’t get clear in our minds sometime is because we have so many things cluttering our minds and lives. We have so much mental chatter we can’t hear

2Day…Don’t worry…BEE Hapy!

Hey LifeTrain passengers! Too often we expect happiness to come as a result of our relationships rather than as a premise upon which to build one. If we truly wanted to be happy, we would not be so eager to

Coming soon…YIKES!!!

We’ve Come Along Way…Congratulations America!

I Have…

I write and blog just to free my soul…

Yesterday…I found my inner child!

They tricked me!  They said it was just gonna be a simple follow-up to a out patient thing I had recently.  I should have known when the nurses started giggling when I walked into the office, pointing at me and

I Got A Question – 4 real…4 real

What he said… CLICK

The Mac Man

We lost a lot of good folks in 2008.  One such loss for me was my beloved grandmother, Mrs. Daniel.  Amongst those spirits that departed was also a favorite comedian of mine, Bernie Mac.  I don’t watch a lot of

The Universal Dance – Errie body doin…

Wot Is Love…?

A good and sweet friend of mine asked me recently, “What is Love?’, and “have I ever been in love?” I had to think long and hard.  here is my conclusion Love for me has been a powerful force. It