Month: November 2008

A Shopping U Will Go! Black Friday beware…

Hey passengers, if you plan to head out Friday morning for black Friday specials, keep this in mind. If you tend to give gift cards around the holidays; you need to be careful that the cards will be honored after

Season’s Greetings…And Yez I sayd it

Hey passengers, I know I was going to deliver “DA GAME” part two today.  However, as I drive into work every morning I pass a homeless shelter.  I see the folks who are without a permanent place to live and

Twas The Night B4 “DA GAME!” Part I of II

It was Friday night, the day before the “DA GAME!”.  To quell anxious anticipation, like a kid on Christmas eve I had to find a way to get my mind off of “DA GAME!”.  So off to see the “Wizards”

Merry Monday! Who’s your daddy? Answer below…

Hey Passengers, MERRY MONDAY!  I hope all is well as we board the train today as we wait for the train to arrive, .  To start the week off I would really like to share something with you that you



…And 2 All…A good weekend

Hey Passengers here’s a little story to get your weekend started.  Just in case you have not seent-tid this and to remind you despite it all today, you are blessed: She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon

Is It Worth Sweating The Small Stuff?

One thing I’ve learned in every human relationship is that it’s important to let the small things stay small. Not every problem needs “solving.” Some just need a friendly ear. Or maybe a hug. Nothing smooths out the rough spots

Let Your Light Shine…Let there be light…

Hey Passengers, when someone lightens up your life just by their presence, you can be sure they are emitting a very positive energy.  When someone puts a damper on the meeting or a conversation, you can be sure there is

The Other Day…I cried

I have been told in very lengthy and graphic detail by my girlfriends (women who are my friends and in most cases married) that childbirth can be a very painful,  yet beautiful experience all in one instance.  However, as a


WIll we…finally? YES WE DID!!! Hey passengers, sorry I played hooky from my duties last night.  But if ya don’t know…now ya know…I am a sports nut.  I try not to incorporate much sport stuff here on the train, but