Month: October 2008

Put On A Happy Face! I juz might save the day…

Hey fellow passengers, “Frown and you frown alone,” , “but smile and the whole world seems to smile with you.” Well, almost.  Anyway, the whole world? Well, let’s think about this.  Not just any smile will do. Here’s my thoughts

Let’s Talk Relationships…

Top of the morning to you fellow passengers.  Glad you hopped the train today, really I am.  I’d hate to think I am all alone in a world so cold. I want to share something with you.  I have a

@ Da Movies…”The Secret Life of Bees”

Hey passengers, one of the things I did this past weekend was check out the “The Secret Life of Bees”.  In this movie I found pain, humor, tragedy, and celebration weaved into this remarkable story. The casting director deserves a

No Xcuses…Eye yam what I am….

I have never been contained except that I made the prison. —Mari Evans When I first started blogging I had some doubts. Doubts if I wanted to share myself in such a public forum, doubts if I could make a

He Sayd It…– Pyotr Tchaikovsky

“Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.” – Pyotr Tchaikovsky I really like that saying.  Anyway, just who is Pyotr Tchaikovsky you say?  He was a Russian classical composer best known for the Nutcracker and Swan Lake

Eye Surrender! Won’t chew?

In case you haven’t noticed fellow passengers, we are surrounded by graceful surrender.  The geese surrender to the first autumn chills, and think of flying south. The flower surrenders to the night and shuts up shop as the setting sun

Merry Monday! Life is a choice, not a chance!

Eye’m Juz Shaying…

This is something that I am having to learn as I try to relax more in my personal life; my quest to be at peace with myself.  Outside of God…who should really care but me/you…about you? I pulled the emergency

Finding Lil Chuckie…

Hey passengers, have you ever asked yourself…Who am I? When I received a severance notice a few years back I had the weirdest revelation. I did not know who I was. I believed what the bible says, and the two

Coffee Break W/Chuckie – Wish I’d written this one…

My Story and I’m sticking with it…. Now back 2 work…Sorry…