Month: August 2008

Have A GR8T & Safe Weekend …& Remember, “BE!”

The funny thing about working out is I find I solve a lot of the worlds problems during the SWEATING!. Mentally I feel so much better every time time I work out.  I now feel like some sort of a

Chuckie’s Song Of The Day…(and 2day’s 30th Year Class Reunion pics)

I want to blog about my 30th year class reunion.  I will fill you in over time, but it was OFF THE HOOK!  In the meantime check out some of my hometown peeps! Ok….so call me wierd, but I really

2dAy…due me DIs FavOr

To all my fellow passengers, Periodically I like to stop and thank you for all the great friendships that I have developed over the last couple of years on the Train (LiFeTrain).  So, I axe that you just… KEEP ON

The Man In The Mirror…MWAH!

This is a mirror moment for me today.  I hope this realization that I have come to will somehow bring about a measure of peace for you as well in terms of dealing with shall we say challenging folk. I

Do Me This Favor….

Dear fellow passengers, As we venture into this weekend remember, whatever has happened is now in the past. We have now laid down another week.  So, do me this favor…Do not think about the past. Learn from whatever has happened

A Reminder of: The Clay Balls…

As I reflect on the curse of divorce, broken friendships and even estranged family members, the story of the clay balls seems most appropriate to share. What amazes me the most as I do my research for the things that


Friday Night & U No It…DATE NIGHT! “Concert Time!”

Hey, Let’s go out on a date tonight.  A concert to for Jazz lovers who can appreciate mother earth.  Let’s grab some dinner, hold hands as we walk through the auditorium to our front row seats and enjoy the concert!

Thanks 4 The Prayers…Me & Fay!

Hey, as you may or may not know I am in Ft. Lauderdale this week.  I flew in on Monday. My girl fay (as in Hurricane) was just waiting to see me.  Lemme tell you for about 30 seconds I

“Let’s Just Kiss and Say Good-bye”

Hey Passengers can you agree that most of us can subscribe to the this statement that: sentiment that says  - “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”  Well, if so maybe this will give you a different perspective.”