Month: April 2008

Get Comfortable N the Skin Yew N…

Cause it is what it is! I wish I had been as comfortable with myself years ago as i am now. When I think of all the times I wasted in my youth trying to live up to other folks

2Days Zig

“Some people find fault like there’s a reward for it.” – Zig Ziglar

I’m A REAL Main!

I am so proud of myself. I now know that I am a real man and I can proudly carry my man manual with pride! Oh yeah babe…I watched the movie “The NOTEBOOK” last weekend and I kept a stone

It’s friday… We Made it…Kani?

Kani have this dance?  CLICK

Date Night! “The Bookstore”

The Chuckie Show – 7 – Date Night! – (05/11/07) CLICK ON THE RIGHT ARROW TO LISTEN… [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download MP3 (Right-Click on the Link Above and Save) Show Notes: CLICK ON THE RIGHT >

2Day…Stop and Smell The Roses…

Hey Passengers, I’ve been thinking…uh “O”…he’s been thinking! RUN!!! Anyway, based on some recent conversations I’ve had with some of our fellow passengers, I’ve concluded that when we are not aware of the circumstances that dictate our lives, we become

Merry Monday! Won’t U Join Me!?!

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending of what station you hoped the train today (Morning, afternoon or evening station ). Either way, let me say to you, “Merry Monday! & This week, greet life with enthusiasm and confidence by constantly

Guess Wot!?!

One of my favorite authors said: Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. Dr. Seuss Hey Passengers, this weekend…do you…have a great weekend! All Aboard…The LiFeTrain

Do U Agree?

Poverty is not being without money, but being without hope… It is not the cards you are dealt but what you do with them that counts…

Please Don’t 4get…2Day @ Noon

Hey passengers, please pause today at noon to pray to the father in the name of his son.  Just a quick nod to heaven if nothing else…Thanks!