Month: February 2008

Madam was 1st, then came Oprah…

Hey passengers here’s a very beautiful woman, Madam C.J. Walker. She was quite the business woman. I’m giving you a little background here, but if you get the chance, pick up this book. it’s well worth the read! Her third

Dealing With Grown Folks…Part III

Ok…are we beating a dead horse or what? Just a little leavity here…I really do think this is an important subject. So did my friend Sharon, the cute little Georgetown Hoya Alumnist. But…I’ll forgive her, for someday I know…she will

Dealing With Grown Folks…Part II

Well guys yesterday we started this series out with defining [MY] feelings on dealing with difficult people. I hope this is helpful as I am sure we all cross paths at one point or another with someone who’s Myers Briggs

Merry Monday! …Dealing with grown folks

Did we just blink and the weekend is now over? Say it ain’t so. Well, as we say here on the Train, seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty, “MERRY MONDAY!”. Well passengers, this week let’s take

Prayer Request: MY Family…Our Matriarch

Hey Passengers…At this very moment our Matriarch, Alean Daniel, 93 years young is undergoing major surgery.  Please pray for her and the Daniel family.  My cousin, who is like my brother, Harry Jr. and I both were agreed  that we

Help Me Lord…Always…

Hey passengers….Wazzzzup? I am on my second double shot latte this morning and my brain is a buzzing. Today I’m wondering do you find, as I do, that we can always report the feeling of divine help and strength when

A Motivating Moment…4 u, 4 us, 4 2day…

The past is history, so let it go. The future is a mystery, so let it come. The present is this moment now – a gift. To be truly in the present today, it is useful to release all your

Mid-week Service…

Come on by the Church…The Deacon has been blessed by God to have the doors open once again!

Do You Really Have The Time?

A woman who lost her husband of 40 years to a sudden heart attack said that the resulting grief had caused her to value love more. When she heard couples arguing, she sometimes spoke to them, saying, “You don’t have

Happy Valentine’s Day…From Chuckie

I wanted to take a moment to write this Valentine’s day wish to my many sisters and friends. You will read this and know it was for you. Thank you for your love and kindness. Thank you for listening. Thank