Month: January 2008

Life Is like Riding a Train… Or a series of Train rides…

Some people have asked why “Ride the LiFeTrain with Chuckie”. It is my sincerest hope that you will read the following and feel the power of the message. Of everything that I have posted on this blog, with the exception

Mid-week Service – This IS a must attend service!

Today’s mid-week service is one you won’t want to miss! The Deacon has the doors open early so come on over and see what God has for you and me! You won’t leave this service the same!! CLICK …

The LifeTrain Mission…(Mission Statment)

If nothing else…I wish you peace each day here on the train. May this site be a place a refuge; a brief reprieve. May God grant the arms of an Angel here uin which you can find rest. Anytime you

Chuckie’s Song Of The Day… “2 fEr tUESdaY!”

Nothing comes from violence…nothing ever could: CLICK Ever note how sometimes in the world there is such a struggle just to retain ones dignity and right to exist? CLICK

Chuckie’s Song Of The Day… “Another Monday’s Almost In The Can”

Hey baby…come on home to Big Daddy and: CLICK

Sunday Service @ The Church

Good day all, as usual the Deacon has the Doors of the Church ready for one and all. The Church is located on “MAIN” street (see right or click HERE). Here at our online service, the Deacon and I have

SAtuRdAy’s Smile!…Chuckie’s Thought of the day

We all know and remember a smiley person – someone whose heart seems to radiate through their teeth. And when they do, notice how it’s almost impossible not to smile back…unless you are feeling very, very grumpy! So if you

Weekend Edition!

Extra…Extra…Read ALL about it!  CLICK

The Brady Bunch!


Mid-week Service time! Tonight’s message “Removing Rebellion”

Come on over to the Church where once again the Deacon, Deacon Dan has the doors open and a message waiting! To night’s message comes from: 2 SAMUEL 23:6-7 NKJV: “But the sons of rebellion shall be as thorns thrust