Month: December 2007

New Years Eve in DC and I have a Date With 2 “HOT” Chics! …What about you?

I have a date tonight with (2) Chicks! One has a sexy name “V8 Fusion” and the other “Sniff, Sniff, wheeze and cough”, “Chicken” as in soup. New year’s Eve and I am looking forward to some Hot Chick…Chicken Soup

Merry Monday! Love without limits – 7 x 70 and then some for 2008

Hey Passengers… All together now! MERRY MONDAY! I was thinking about some of my struggles this past year, and one of the biggest was seeing the splinter in someone else’s eye while ignoring the plank in my own. Having reflected

Chuckie’s song of the day…4 2008 This is it…Ain’t no!

Hey passengers, one more Merry Moday and…check out our 2008 LiFeTrain theme song! Ever wonder what they looked like? CLICK The original: CLICK … So…in 2008, when you hear this song, you’ll think…“HERE COMES THE TRAIN!” All Aboard! AND…  HAPPY

Sunday Service: “The Hope!”

Please join us at the Church (Located to your right under MAIN). Of course a church online is not as good as a church of believers. Church service helps us serve. However, A cyber church can be a light in

This Is Not Mine, But it is now ours…

A dear friend of mine recently shared this with me. I thought, as she did, that the below is noteworthy enough to share with our fellow passengers (Thanks Carol). I was really moved by this. I am often chastised by

Hop Off The Train 2Day and Unpack…

Finding and beginning a new relationship can be difficult. It is particularly difficult when we are carrying baggage from past relationships. We are told that it is not good to carry past relationships into the current ones. We know that.

Mid-week Service

Hey passengers…Make sure you stop by the Church tonight for mid-week service. As a matter of fact, the Deacon already has tghe doors open! Tonights message: .,.”THINGS I HAVE NOTICED ABOUT JESUS “ This is my beloved Son, in whom

When Things Seem Impossible…

Learn to tap into the Ultimate resource: CLICK

What Do The Lonely Do @ Christmas? Have a Date w/Chuckie

Even though I am spending Christmas alone this year in DC, I am really happy and VERY motivated to make sure all my fellow passengers, most of which are like me…”Single at Christmas”, (according to the bulk of my communications

The Church Doors Are Open For Sunday Service…

I hope to meet you all at the Church this morning. PLEASE come by and join me as we look at the REAL reason for this season! The Deacon has the doors open and our Senior pastror has an awesome