Month: October 2007

Mid-week service @ The Church…”INCREASE YOUR FAITH “

What is faith? It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. Hebrews 11 A message on faith is being delivered by the Deacon, Deacon Dan! Come on by the Church and let’s discuss an “INCREASE

I’m Learning…Systematic Problem Solving

We all face problems daily. As a matter of fact, I’ve learned as I am sure you have that life is a series of problems with an occasional crisis here and there. One of the most important skills I am

Prayer For The Colvin Family…

Passenger’s please check the prayer closet.  My very close (childhood) friend, Ms. Tonya Colvin’s family is in great need of prayer.   The Prayer closet is located on the right under MAIN or CLICK.

Merry Monday! “Optimism”

Optimism! That’s the word on the card I hand out to each of you has you board the LiFeTrain today to start a new week. My favorite quote (which I believe to be but one of the greatest statements ever

Sunday Service

Hey Friends please come to the Church and Help us praise the Lord!  The Church is located on “MAIN” street (see right under main).

The Train Scoundrel…But..We love her… A few words from Ms. Geri…

In her own words…After being crowned “The LiFeTrain Scoundrel!” Here’s Geri: Doggone right I’m a scoundrel. Not a dirty rotten one, just a recovering one. I am a big old life train scoundrel and on my life train ride you’ll

Searching For Little Chuckie…

Hey passengers, have you ever asked yourself…Who am I? When I received a severance notice a few years back I had the weirdest revelation. I did not know who I was. I believed what the bible says, and the two

Mid-week Service @ The Church…”WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FAIL”

Hey passenger’s what do we do when we fail? Come on by the Church to learn together. The Church is located on the right, under “MAIN”.

Don’t 4get…2Day we Pray…

At Noon. Even if it is just a = / < 30 seconds. Check out the Prayer Closet, send me emails for needs and to be added: Chuckie [AT] ChuckieDaniel dot com. (If you ever post your email on a

Got A Sweet Tooth?

Check out the article of the day in the LiFeTrain Daily News…Pick up one for me please!